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  1. I'm out, managed to score tickets in brilliant seats.
  2. Yea, seeing as ive missed the last 3 games or so i should probably turn up! Edit: Unless i score free tickets to the rugby. Ill not miss a home playoff if i have the chance to go!
  3. Absolutely, it made my day. Got to love dem lipos!
  4. Not my fault, i swear!! I hadnt used it since Hoki 2 years ago, chucked some fresh batteries in and it was like an instant smoke grenade. I think ill bring it with me and use it as such, although everyone might have to wear gas masks as the smell isnt the nicest! (its shorted out somewhere and melted some of the capacitors in it)
  5. I'm keen to hire a tracer unit also, mine went on fire while testing it last night.......
  6. I'm super keen. Shall we just say it's happening and who ever comes comes? I can start a Facebook event or something as it will be easier to organise there.
  7. Ill be there. Might have to leave early afternoon as im supposed to be out for dinner that night.
  8. Dont add me to the list but if i can make it in i will, wont be able to do a whole day at any point though, more like a couple of hours.
  9. Chuck me down as a maybe, i might head up home for the long weekend, not sure yet.
  10. What about anzac weekend? Head down saturday 25th, come back sunday afternoon the 26th, and have the monday off on the 27th.
  11. why is there no like button on teh forumzzzzzzz
  12. Its not CQB like you guys are expecting, its more of a small team vs team Tyre field, really different to anything id ever played before and a massive fuck ton of fun. Think speedball but airsoft styles. Also im mega super duper keen to come visit chaps, im sure we will have numbers this time!
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