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  1. I'm keen I also have a house warming so I'm in the same boat as Stuart
  2. Hey guys next game on the 18th Of January . Games start at 10am so be there by 9:30am. At Combat Zone paintball. As it still is holiday time for some of us,an early Jan game would be great. Start at 10am SHARP run to 4pm. All New guns will be chronoed. All Other guns will be subjected to random chronoing over time. Hot weapons will not be allowed on the field. Field fee of $5, Paid to Field Owner Brian. Club guns available. Hire fee of $10 for club gun and 450rds of ammo for the day Additional ammo is $5 for a extra 450rds Game fee of $10 if you aren't a member and have played more than two games. Game Marshal: LBS Coming: LBS ViolentJ Violet shift Muggins Longbarrel Spicy mchaggin Smackdown Contractkiller Coming Non-DAC members (Max 6): Maybe: Chritty Cupcake Hell no im out I've got other thing's to do. Ryno Plagu3 Jackmil3s
  3. Just brought myself some new AOR2 digital woodland stuff from airsoft peak. Can't wait to see what it's like. I'll put up some pics when it arrives and my thoughts on it.
  4. Cheers for the games today guy's really enjoyed it.
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