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  1. I have one, can email it to Zimmer.
  2. OK all here's the auction for the A2 canvas print we got signed by all the stars at Armageddon - share and promo this as much as possible as it's for the Child Cancer Foundation:- http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=803918581
  3. We will get the passes on the Fri setup day, then we will distribute them before the gates open each day. Gates open at 10am but we can get in at 9am!
  4. Im sure we will have spares on hand remind me closer to the event
  5. Excellent - have a word with Tim (Ranulf662) from PAC as he was there last year and he'll be able to tell you how much fun it was!
  6. Excellent! PM me ur email and contact deets and I'll give u a shout in the next week or so to fill u in on more deets! Thanks
  7. Superb! That's great! Just to let you know the various Warehouses around Wgtn (Lyall Bay, Tory St, UH, LH, Petone, Jville, Porirua) all chipped in $50 and I bought a $400 Xbox bundle off Jville for $325 - so they are one of fairly major supporters of the raffle. If your able to get some more stuff that would be so cool! Maybe something else to add to the Xbox bundle but to be honest whatever you can get we can use I'm sure! Thanks again and C U soon.
  8. Casper1

    OP FArewell

    Yep crossing to the dark side!
  9. Open invite to help - PLEASE!!! We appreciate it's a long way away but wanted to extend an invite anyway. http://www.asnz.co.nz/forums/showthread.php?t=26404 If you can flick me any names and their availability for the 3 day event please? Cheers
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