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  1. Me too. Paid final $90 to include tourniquet and accom
  2. until
    Facebook Event Link: 3-ZERO Airsoft's - Broken Home events are a Private Military Contractor (PMC) themed event working around four individual teams all competing for “contracts” (or missions). Depending on your contract, sometimes you will work with other teams, sometimes you will be in direct opposition, and other times you will be indifferent. So you never really know who you can trust. Your team will be given a new contract to complete every couple of hours. It is then up to your team to decide how to best complete the objectives. Your team will be awarded points based on how well you complete the objectives set in the contract. Points are usually based on about 500 points for a fully completed contract, 300 points for a partially complete and no points for failed or not satisfactory completed. In addition to contracts there are strategic points or resource points throughout the field. Controlling a point will award your team the specific resource associated with that point which can be used in later missions such as medic, resupply, sabotage, or engineer. There will also be sub-missions and hidden missions depending on how you react to certain situations or Intel you collect. Each team also has a communications tower they have to keep operational. The event is designed to encourage team work and push you to the limit as a team. What it isn’t: A force on force skirmish with rolling fire fights. Pick your fights and play smart. This is a semi only event and there is an ammo cap that each player can carry in the field at any one time. One full auto support weapon per squad is allowed.
  3. Paid my deposit, will require tourniquet and Friday night accommodation.
  4. Hey Xavman You're definitely spoiled for choice in Wellington, a few clubs to choose from all with different game styles so shop around and find the play style ya like. Biggs
  5. I hear 232 are keen,
  6. Frequency... Woahh next you'll be saying Blackhawk is back on he scene. 232crew aka Tawa turnips are still kicking about.
  7. You have 3 options in Wellington and all offer a very different experience and playing style so you're spoilt for choice, Check out their facebook pages and give em all a go and see what suites your style. 232 Crew - scenario based 'milsim' type games. RUB Core - hard core skirmishers, go hard or go home, bit good bunch. WMA - traditional skirmish, noobie/family friendly type games. But 232 is the best
  8. There they go again cheers dude. One last thing. Could you please move the BH3 archive from the past events back under the BH series? Legend.
  9. We had one called 'Broken Home Series' with a bunch of archived events within that which i see one is in the past events now? but I can't find Broken Home 2 Archive or the Broken Home 1 Archive? We also had another sub forum call The In Crowed which is missing too
  10. We used to have a bunch of sub forums under 232 crew that don't seem to be there anymore? can we get them pulled up again?
  11. 4 Teams / 24 Hours / Objective Based MILSIM more details here - Facebook Event here -
  12. 4 Teams / 24 Hours / Objective Based MILSIM more details here - If you're interested in attending let me know and i'll get you added to the sub forum with all the details.
  13. I think Delta66 got a new lady friend, so its not looking good for him. Its always they way with airsofters, they either get a girlfriend or a car/motorbike. Then it's a downward spiral and only a matter of time until they are selling off their airsoft kit. It was good knowing you delta66 in your short time on this 'airsoft' world. Lest we forget