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  1. You can pick up reasonably priced blue UN berets from, Epicmilitia.com with the UN badge for around 23 Pounds each, Or here https://www.asmc.com/Clothing/Headwear/Miscellaneous/Berets/German-Army-Beret-UN-blue-p.html
  2. Im not sure yet if will participate as a Reenactor for this yet... But will def attend as a onlooker and will take heaps of cool snap shots of you guys in action, and will post them on your facebook page if thats just as good!
  3. Not to sure yet. Have been putting together a Vietnam Kit could do that. Just Hunting down some of the last pieces for it.
  4. Sounds good. Am keen myself to get involved.
  5. Note to all: Watch for the holes in the ground as I fell into one at the first Block Wars game.... for those who remember!
  6. Yep have already taken leave off work for this!
  7. Sorry guys can't make it now. You guys have fun!
  8. I'm going to AUS around the 3rd December and back around the 17th. I'm still a maybe at this point In time.
  9. Have been watching this thread I'm keen myself. Depends on transport. I don't have a lot of full out modern gear. But how about Denison smock and some DPM pants something like that anyway... it's nothing flash but it passes jungle and dark I guess? Wills scavenge around.
  10. Awesome stuff guys! I'm gutterd that I couldn't make it to these Zombies events. I Will try better next time.
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