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  1. Thought I might come back to say hi, how ya going? 15 years ago many had great plans of developing the sport, I'm still here , 2020 was a struggle , covid and stigma over gun law crack down hurt. WAR had our 1st game back , nice numbers of 46 players and MANY new players so fingers crossed, there are so many people who simply don't know anything about Airsoft out there , so are we as a sport any closer to work together, for the purpose of growing our sport ? Cheers Tony Jordan, Waiuku ( junglefacejake) I'm only interested in open transparent conversation, no private stuff, I am asking as a Member of my Club W.A.R not an official position.
  2. here is my attempt for an Airsoft specific list of hand signals lets start using the same language out on the battlefield...hooooaaaahhh
  3. wicked....thanks all 128 players who came to the call https://youtu.be/O267qfvb7Oc
  4. the Future of W.A.R. needs you all to attend this Sunday,25th Oct. sound engineers will be recording noise levels,(these will dictate the future of games at W.A.R.) we need 100 players to prove to council levels are acceptable. so please , your club NEEDS you and your friends . field Fees for this game will be JUST $10 for members and that is with a free lunch. for our friends who are not members its ONLY $10 field fee + $5 if you want lunch. (if you come with a car FULL of players free lunches for all in car) 15 hire guns available must text to book $20 PLEASE COME TO SAVE OUR SPORT, we have just one chance !!!! please text if coming 021357058 Tony (DUKE)
  5. latest field Map , get to know the battlefield for clear communication in the heat of battle
  6. diego garcia.....where the conflict begins
  7. come and check it out ...... www.war.net.nz scale is hard to see , but the ICBM is 5m long, the 25lber is 1:1 scale, the bunker is 1.80m standing height for 20 soldiers , the comand room (gun) is 2.5mx2.5m.
  8. DUKE


    police have gone digital.....so no problems with them. was fun when we could listen...
  9. 30M rifle range grand opening sunday 9th march
  10. new field upgrade....the concrete Jungle
  11. bugger all right , 40 scouts decide to change their plans .....so i cant make this epic event. have fun all, i so wish i was there !!!
  12. W.A.R. has new leadership onward and upward ....Rangers lead the way President : Fluffa secretary : Manuka Tresurer : Forrest asnz reps : w0rmy & ASH so if wanting any help in finding about W.A.R as a club hit them up
  13. sorry I can't make it and i did intend to but i will promote the day to WAR should be EPIC
  14. our AGM and start of our year for memberships this sunday http://forums.war.net.nz/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1214
  15. some photos from the club http://imgur.com/a/wETw9
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