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  1. I'll get @Nematode to get that sorted
  2. Hmm, maybe we're thinking of two different areas - i'll pm you
  3. I can retrieve them from the old server, however due to the incorrect timezone on the old server some were unable to be converted.
  4. PM me a list and i'll get it resolved
  5. Thanks! At the moment no, its just setup for pictures but i'll look at adding support for Videos too if there is quite a few floating around. Just paste the YouTube link in, and hit enter to add a new line .. and the magic happens
  6. Heaps of permissions got mangled, should be back now.
  7. I'll get back to you on this one, haven't come across this before
  8. Whoops sorry lads, updated the permissions on the wrong place.. :|
  9. Should be back now, including your one from the old forum.
  10. I'll look into that now for you, we got anything transferred over but forum permissions got mangled
  11. The forum is smart enough to handle really large images :^)
  12. If you had a link bookmarked on the old forum it should now work as expected, if not - please post the link here and i'll get it sorted
  13. There is quite a few there, hopefully should be back now.
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