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camp 6-8 of july all are wellcome

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this is just to let every one kwn that ill be running a mixed games came at totora resserve/camp rangi woods its $25 for both nights thats the friday the 6 and saturday the 7 finshing up at noon on the sunday more info to flow post up any questions you have.

note the camp site has loos,showers,power,a full kitchen( i.e it has pots,pans,frezers,frige,cooking tops)

you will need to bring you'r own food and beding(the cabins have beds but no pillows or blankits) :D

its grate to see all the interrest and any non affiliated peploe are welcome just pm or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

this events location has change to foxton town

the feild is located opisite the mawnawatu college on rbinson street foxton wich joins on to state highway 1 by the mobilthe

and feild fee has change to $15 for thos attending friday night 6pm or $10 for thos who just want to play saterday this a event will end sunday lunch

ther will be a barbq dinner for all thos attending on the saterday night

there will be sum copations being held you do not have to take part in these if you do not wish to games will be run at the same time so all will be playing and having fun

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All you need is dan' date='beer and chesse,lol[/quote']

And a couple loaves of bread, btw someone tell Blackhawks bout this game get that whipped domesticated househusband out here :)

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A chance to meet new people and shoot at them never goes to waste here... :)

I think you may need to contact the organizer before attending this event, as would most players who are not ASNZ affiliated.

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Hey guys, well Camp Rangiwoods will not be available this weekend anymore due to construction work going on so K/bar has moved it to the Foxton site.

I hope to see you there?!?

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Whats the accomodation like at this site?

Sleeping on site in one large wear house/shed or tenting.

Heres the update below.

p.a.c camp change of venue

P.A.C camp july the6th-8th

there has been a change of venue for this a vent it will benig held at the feltex factoy in foxton all are still wellcome

acomadation will be a large wear house/shed or tenting

food is still bring your own but note this field is in the midile of foxton town so there are a few choise for you

there will be a barbq lunch sunday and a prize giveing

this events field fee has change to it is $15 for the hole a vent and $10 to show up and play for the day or night

this event starts at 10pm friday the 6th and will end at 3pm sunday the 8th

all are welcome that inculeds noobs

there will be three main events

1) realestate to take and hold as much gound / buildings as your team can

2)drak night a smal team will hold off wave after wave . this game will have sum surprizes

3) comps thse event will take place as other non major game run and prizes will be given to these events (noe these are optionl events)

snake op) to in sneak in to a building and gather intel and sneak out solo

kill shot) to shot 5 peploe you are told to and only those 5 pepole team of 2-3

dead man run ) to get from one coner of the field to the other solo

the field is found opasit the manawatu college on robinson street wich joins on to state high way 1

look forward to all thos who antend plese post up if you are keen

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Um........ok. I was totally confused until I actaully looked at when these posts were posted and what forum this is posted in.

I is dum. Off to the PAC forum then.

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