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Manor Park n00b game - Sunday 10:30am Dec 11th

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ThunderBall Paintball field in Manor Park.

All welcome (unless ur a dick Ow :) ). Feel free to BYO n00b/s but please make sure they have gear to use and you will be expected to look after them.

Post up if you're coming and/or need to borrow something ...

Also, you should bring snacks and water and shit.

DATE: Sunday December 11th

TIME: 10:30am - till bored / too sore [soft :rolleyes: ].

COST: $5 field fee

Attending: Approx 14 bods, nice :)

Septic +3 n00bs




Smiley Stolli (the gentle-hearted midget)

Captain awesome mc'cool Stretch

MC Wikstar + x possible n00bs

Kizer Fitch + 1 n00b

Crazy Asian Cam

(Fishy) mr man + 2 n00bs

Jawa + possible n00bs

NB: I'll drag a BBQ and chillybin along. BYO meat-candy.

NB: #2: Please bring spare guns/gear you have and don't mind lending out. Cheers.

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Time off work, so I'll be there.

Will try drag Geoff along (LikeAbat) and possibly 1-2 more.

Also Cam I still have your radio, just cleaned the car out. Thought I gave it back already, obv not haha. I'll drop it off to you sometime in the next couple days.

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@ Alan: F-yeah dude, that'd be mint!


Yesterday = AWESOME

Today [sunday] = shit

FRIDAY 9th - Monday 12th meant to be SUNNY and HOT (from Met service 10day forecast).

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awww... shucks it's good to see the WAC brothers are going to have some meaningful bonding time together :rolleyes:

Cheers Brother D :p

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