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hey guys, hoki time again........

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ok, so here's the deal.

dates confirmed, its the 6th 7th and 8th of November.

The cost is $130 per head for ALL PLAYERS (no exceptions) which covers the event (two building) and accommodation per person for the weekend.

if there are NON-PLAYERS attending (partners etc) please consult the hoki event team.

the food cost is $25 for the weekend.

as per, we will be looking to leave from the yaldy pub at lunch time on the friday, and travel in convoy with plenty of radio chatter to avoid the boredom of travel.

so this is how the weekend games will run.....

Friday Night from 7pm till 11 – 12 this will be a NAC run night op

Saturday Morning 9am – 1pm this will be a DAC run green/CQC op

Saturday Evening (start time to be set) till late/early morning this will be a CSG run night op

Sunday will be clean up and travel home.

as for meals etc, unless there is strong objection we are considering a fish n chip run for the saturday night meal, std bacon sausages eggs etc for breakfasts, and do it yourself filled rolls for saturday lunch.

plus the usual amenites coffee tea milo and fresh fruit on hand at your leisure.

std CSG CQC FPS rules apply (300FPS max), with the exception of a select few with snipers as we request.

all gun testing will be done with .20 with hop set as normal (flat shooting)

people wishing to use 203's, trip wires, grenades or anything of the like, for any of the games will be required to attend a separate briefing and all non std items are subject to approval by the CSG event organisers before use.

Anything with an open flame could cause fire or damage to person(s) or property will not be allowed and anyone using a device not checked will be asked to leave.

Alcohol and drugs are NOT permitted on the field, and if anyone is discovered under the influence of either or both during a game, they will be escorted off the premises. The only permissible time for drinking will be after the late game, in the room designated for this. If you do damage to the site, or to another person, be prepared to pay. This is as negotiable as Cake needing to take spare socks.

a deposit (the food fee $25) will be requested shortly (sorting bank accounts) AND MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE 1ST NOVEMBER

so thats it for now, please keep a check for any new info.

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