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Hokitika Inter-club Indoors

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EVENT : Hokitika Inter-club Indoors

DATES : April 24-26 (ANZAC weekend)

TRANSPORT : Will leave ChCh (Yaldhurst Tavern) at about 12pm, to arrive in daylight and set up for the first night game.

P.M. OHRAZ if you need a ride, or if you are able to supply transport.

LIMITS AND RULES : FPS limits, as usual, are CSG CQB limits.

Pistol 300 FPS


Rifle/Shotgun 300 FPS

There are to be NO shields, unless LooseUnit has decided there will be need for this particular prop in a game. ALL props will be supplied by CSG Events Committee.

If you have intention of using distraction devices (203's, smoke bombs/grenades, grenades, flashbangs, C4, etc) they will need to be checked and approved for use by the CSG Event Committee before the event weekend (not before you get to Hokitika). Anything with an open flame could cause fire or damage to person(s) or property will not be allowed and anyone using a device not checked will be asked to leave.

Alcohol and drugs are NOT permitted on the field, and if anyone is discovered under the influence of either or both during a game, they will be escorted off the premises. The only permissible time for drinking will be after the late game, in the room designated for this. If you plan to drink, plan to pay the $50.00 bond to go with it. This is not coming out of the Committee pockets this time. If you do damage to the site, or to another person, be prepared to pay even more. If you DONT plan to drink, but then you do, I'd suggest you find a CSG Event Committee member to give your bond to beforehand. This is as negotiable as Cake needing to take spare socks.


Field fee $40.00

Accommodation $70.00

Food $30.00

Alcohol bond $10.00

These prices are non-negotiable, and are PER PERSON. Total is $140 for the entire event, sleeping quarters and food.

A deposit of the Field fee is required for this event, to be transferred by 10th April, 2009. The remainder of the funds need to be handed to an organiser on April 24th, OR you may just transfer it with the deposit.

ALL persons who deposit will receive a receipt from me as confirmation of your attendance.

The account for deposits will be :

Name: Blair Woodhouse

Westpac Account Number: 03-0674-0084175-001

GENERAL INFO : Two buildings are available for games. Currently LooseUnit and Co. are devising awful and terrible games to keep you all amused, and provide you with many merciless brutal attacks, perfect for revisiting later on around the lounge (and in Dirk and Zimmers case, very physically).

Your CSG Event Committee is comprised of Squirrel, Al-Tee, Ohraz and Matty. If you have ANY questions, PM me, and I will do my very best attend to you.

Please PM me, or post here regarding your attendance at this event ASAP. I’d like to have an idea of numbers by Friday 27th March, so get your time off work booked in now!

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Things you will NEED to bring :


Blanket and/or Sleeping bag


Spare socks (definitely)






Things you may WANT to bring :





A sense of humour, even after a lack of sleep ;)

Anything else, I will let you know :)

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After many "conversations", the Alcohol bond has been changed to $10 per person. Pay on arrival, refunded upon conclusion of inspections of site.

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