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My interpretation of a Bren MK1m

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The gun is made of Aluminium 

It has an airsoft 650mm barrel, with a modified hopup.

HPA powered through a computer controlled custom built engine

Rate of fire is 480 rpm

Magazine holds 110 rounds.

Electrics powered by a 12 volt 600 mAH battery in lower body.

Initial testing on 75 - 80 psi, has it shooting at 1.38  joules, firing .4's and was firing 60 metres +.

With .25's, they were over hopping with the no hop on, have been told a softer bucking may solve that.

Firing hot so with turning and lighter BBs should get it down to safe levels 








Bren Disassembled.jpg

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Late to the party - but that is one damn fine effort there. How many (hundreds) of hours did you spend on it?


And by the level of detail, did you have a uh... something to work off?


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Hi Mikie.

Not sure hour many actual hours making it, alot over a two year period.

Keep in mine That includes modeling it in Designspark Mechanical and learning how to use the machinery at the Halswell Mens Shed.

The flat parts where taken from the 3D model and laser cut, then glued and riveted together.

The rest I made on the lathe and mill. 


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