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Elite Force Glocks

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As we don't really have the same import issues the US has over Glocks copyright, I'd honestly say - save your cash and get a WE or similar. Their recent gen stuff is decent for the price, and there is a fair bit more options in the way of parts/compatibility. 

Elite Force = American Umarex, and I'm led to believe these are VFC OEM. They are okay, but IMO don't line up with the $170USD price tag. 

If you're going to splash, TM's are great and there's Lots of parts/upgrades available. They have been the go-to for a long time. 


Sure the EF's have got the nice trades etc, but you can do that with most of the other brands stock, and those that dont with aftermarket slides - At the end of the day Elite Force is just re-branded Umarex, and as such you should always pay attention to the OEM for each one, because they are not all equal. 

/my 2c

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