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Vid Na More: Retaliation

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Vid Na More: Retaliation is a non-stop, 24 hour CQB MilSim set in the fictional city-state of Hokistan.
Date: 18th to 20th of August 2018
Location: Hokitika, New Zealand
Price: Entry fee is $110 or $125 for those players who don't have a Tourniquet from last year.  
Accommodation: is available for players coming down the night before at $20 a head




HDF and US Forces

  • Multicam with AR variant only
  • OG
  • US Woodland
  • Desert and Woodland MARPAT
  • UCP
  • UK DPM, DDPM and Multicam variants
  • NZ DPM
  • Auscam and variants
  • 3 colour desert
  • Tigerstripe and variants
  • HDF force weapons are fairly open due to the non professional bearing of the HDF.  US forces are limited to those used by the US.

RUSEUR Federation

  • Multicam with AK variant only
  • Any RU issue camouflage pattern excluding those worn by the HDF/US team
  • Flektarn
  • Camouflage Europe Centrale
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Oddball Euro patterns
  • AK variants, G36 variants and any other EU specific weapons



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