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New Player - looking for an Airsoft Group

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Hello World....


Name: Alex (Gibs)

Age: 30's

Current Location: Lower Hutt, Wellington

Personality: reasonably competitive, easy going, get on with most people and not a huge fan of politics…

Born: Wellington

Right, so I have some experience with this type of sport/hobby, just not using Airsoft guns. I have played Paintball on/off for the last 14 years in all its forms from Scenario Games to Competitive Tournaments, however am now feeling a little over it and ready for a change of environment. I was also a member of the NZ Territorial Force (Infantry) for roughly five years. While much time has passed I still like to think some of that knowledge has stuck with me haha.

From what I can gather there are three groups in Wellington (WRM, 232 and WMA) and I guess I am not sure which one will be best suited to me and/or will allow me to join.... Ultimately what I am looking for is a balance of activities within Airsoft (skills, tactical scenarios and good old shootouts). While I like the idea of "hard-core" tactical scenarios having been in the military I don't really want to get back to doing that every weekend…….However, the occasional 24/48hr scenario, sure count me in!

In terms of gear, I basically have nothing at this point. It’s not a matter of not being able to buy everything, its more what to buy and what brands to keep an eye out for. So I guess initially getting some advice around gear would be helpful.

Anyway, hopefully I haven’t rambled on for too long and if anyone has advice on which club would fit what I am looking for please post below.




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Hey Alex, 

Good intro. I came over from the dark side as well about 10 years ago. Its really nice not having to strip and clean all my kit every game. Plus a bag of rounds are a hell of a lot cheaper than a box of paint. 

In terms of the clubs - The last operational elements of WRM and 232 have been rolling together for some time, so mostly single point of contact there. Easy.  

I've sent you a PM with some more details, but no reason you cant check out all the clubs in the area (there are a couple more/ish around as well)


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