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Announcing the ASNZ 2018 Airsoft Nationals, brought to you by ASA.

Where: Wilson Road, South Head, North West of Auckland.

When: Waitangi weekend 2018, 3rd - 5th of February.

What: Saturday: Timed, individual, pair, team shoots. Force on Force CQB shooting comps.

Saturday Night: 40 hour MILSIM event commences.

Monday Morning: Endex and Prize-Giving, MILSIM awards, and Shared Meal.

How much: Full ticket price, includes Shooting Comp, full 40 hour MILSIM, and Prize-Giving dinner. $150
Shooting Comp ONLY: $50
MILSIM SUNDAY ONLY (Sunday 9am - 4pm): $100

Registration will be available shortly, feel free to ask questions here or ideally on the facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/120461448649456/ but please read the TACSOP first.


SPM TACSOP 1-3.pdf

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Wow just read the Milsim brief. It does looks crazy awesome! Good job with the planning.

Question 1: Would Flecktarn be considered  Russian attire? The majority of us have Flecktarn gear and M style weapons.

The time line makes me a little sad as it offers a few logistcal issues for NAC travelling.

Half of our squad has tickets to the FOO Fighters so wont be able to play the night game, but will still play the sunday Milsim 9-4 if allowed.

Also the majority or us fly out about 11am monday so no prizegiving for us :(

And possibly the saddest thing of all is the lack of time to consume beverages and banter with our new brethen at the end of the CQB day :(:(


This being said we will be there and we will fight when we can and drink when we cant fight! 

We already have 10 players with flights and accomodation booked at Parakai.


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