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Belt fed: the journey so far.....

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well folks im on the 6th rebuild of this god gun, ive taken so many failed routes its time you saw some of it. its not the ending but the journey there that you want to see


i started out with an idea,  a whole bunch of spare parts, and this asshole i had to outdo for inspiration.... if some kid could build it in his bedroom :/


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so as you may have noticed, his way is shithouse. held together by superglue, push fittings, hopes and dreams, and only works with the motor charging the winding spring.


give me a go


had a bison mag from the old sniper longbow i made and some 7mm rubber hose, made a fitting, tapped a mag on a right angle and plugged everything together. soon discovered rubber has too much friction and then found some teflon hose.




















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well that turned to shit didn't it. old highcap mag is made to move bbs 50mm maximum, let alone 500mm that other feed lines do, LET ALONE the 1200mm i want to push them


heres a "bought" one from reddit and the Internets, pretty much all the same, also notorious feeding issues.

do you wear that on a fanny pack on you goddam chest? how long is that feed spring 300mm?  you have to ziptie that shit to your elbow.



Good friend Danny Healy had an old electric box mag i could steal, hopefully that will give me the power to push the bbs more than half a meter uphill....?


im missing heaps of photos due to everything being experimental, but i managed to get an old ammo tin, attached the tank to that and use it as a hopper for the BB's. So heres the stock winder like you will find inside other boxmags. (did home job powerpack and button wiring)







Well tits on a bull......, its just as useless. inside boxmags is just a regular fucking paddle wheel and coil spring like inside every other high cap. it dosent matter how big an electric motor you have, it just winds the spring, when it cant push any more it clicks like you normally do when you finger a highcap. if the spring cant push pussy.....then you cant fuck the pussy. So i dabbled in Doubling it up, two spring in parallel. lets do this!

















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you see what happens when two slip springs work togther, one can discharge at a different rate to another, they eventually find equlibrium........


that means when one finally ran out and you re wound the device, you actually start winding the other spring in the opposite fucking direction. i had one more attempt with two springs the same size as each other hoping the discharge at the same rate but alas the same thing happened only slower. also it barely pushed the bbs 1200mm and only when flat. i could only shoot pointing downhill :/



all this while i was trying different hoses in order to reduce friction and kinks in the line, i litterally could not get any more freeflowing than what i was


Time for the big springs



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quick trip to the dump i found an old vacuum cleaner and ripped out its extension cord unit




too many photos missing but i made a jig and replacated the thingbobber but smaller and in metal











i had to incorporate a ratchet into the design as the slip gear. in this instance when you wind the spring up to drive the BB it makes the wheel spin backwards and binds/crushes bbs inside the mag


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the ratchet broke, for some reason it dosent go when you cut it in half with a grinder, managed to find this little bastard, in hindsight it was why this little mod didn't work but if i knew...... fucking plastic and chinese potmetal. i thought i was alloy and tried to tig it but NNNNNOoooooooooo.




had to glue it in








now even with all this horsepower pushing the bbs it still would not feed. i had to use both hands to wind this fucker up, in the end it broke the plastic of the wheel and the internal mag. The friction inside plastic teflon etc hoses like that faggot kid had in his video was too great, but any hose it could slip on caused it to kink. :(

i had to track down some M249 feed spring but long enough.

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aliexpress had some tension springs. 1mm wire by 9mm outside diameter by meterish long. i measured one on the table was 1100mm. factory guy must of had an off day.




this shit is slinky. this shit flows bbs like water in a cup. how the fuck. i wasted 2 months, and this stuff is here all along, goddammit....

i re jigged the electric winder, not wanting a weeks work going to waste








and i even removed the copper right angle, thinking there was a hardspot bbs were hitting as the went past




but in the end even an improve improved beefed electric winder was still not strong enough for me to field. on maximum wind i could get 20 shots before i had to rewind. this was also holding the pistol level with eyesight, if i hold my arm up in the air and try to Saddam Hussein it.......... it wouldent feed. sorry battery powered boxmag bullshit, you are the weakest link. goodbye.













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keen eyes may have noticed ive put heatshrink over the spring. once you get over 300-500mm, the weight if the bbs makes it sag, and once you go and entire armlegnth bbs will fall out between the gaps. the heatshrink keeps it together, and more rigid and the spring stops kinks blocking flow. also helps when i have to join springs








decided to rebuild the vac spring but more professional, it had to move more weight. an envelope calculation on my part was


1500mm / 6mm =250 bbs in the pipe before feeding...

250 x 0.2g (0.25g) = 50g (62g) in a pipe with friction, and i want it vertical.


bear in mind a regular highcap cant even push 10g over 300mm fucking flat.




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so i rebuild this baby, with less slop, butty'er parts, no wobbles and stronger





























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i was intending to put a pullstart string on it but i wanted it up and running for this weekends game so i was just going to do it by hand. time to make a cap for it.

























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well it broke :(


the wield on the spring disk snapped, i ground too much off keeping it smooth. had to take it apart so i guess fuck it. may as well put the pull string on.




it needs a "bucket" in which the tiny teeth grip to it pulls on it but then releases when the string is let go




forgot to take more photos, was getting excited. but little did i realise, the pull start pulls in the clockwise direction............


i need it anti clock.....................


one of the lads had a fucked gearbox from a CRF dirtbike. its a good thing i like steampunk














well heres where im up too. the cogs will speed up the pull of the spring and also reverse the direction to where i need it.





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cut some crenelations into it and shortened the depth





i noticed how out of fuckery the ratchet gear was so i had an attempt at truing it again. the metal tends to pull once its wielded, so i cut it again and bent the shape right





set the spring with a fish hook. stuck in there now till it breaks.





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stupid stupid chinese plastic, less than 500 bbs and its fucked.




Time to redesign can possibly use this cam cog as a template.




.............................................Fact of the matter is i had to strap all this shit to the side of my hopper box as a compromise of a compromise. one thing adding to another all just so it can turn some fucking shitty mag that drives bbs up a shoot. i should of set out from the start, but now i cant, so im setting out from the end, ..... i have to make a better feed system. a Mag made from scratch designed from day dot to pic bbs up without jamming and feed them up a goddamn pipe.




the thing is i know it friggen works, i was playing with it. i shot alllllllll the bullets. the weight and friction is just too much for something so cheap. heading back to the workshop this Sat. i have to nut this out..........

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I think you're right about the core design being off, and given hicap mags are the cheapest airsoft thing you can buy (after bbs) it's not surprsing that they didn't hold up.

HPA the feed line: you shoot bbs into your magazine, so you can shoot bbs out of your magazine!


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ive looked into air fed mags, theres a galil or somthiing close the uses air to feed the bb and blowback the bolt. CRAZY inefficient. you need dive tanks to get 100 shots out

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