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10th of June Night Game!

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night game!

10th of june at 7pm

Field fee of $10 bring cash! Brian is away so we don’t have eftpos!

All Guns in play Must be sub 350fps on .20 (1.13 joules) guns will be chronoed and tagged before the game starts.

You are required to have a glow in the dark hit marker in red! Those small light saber style lights work great for this. e.g. http://www.energizer.com/flashlights-lighting/led-glowstick-lights

For safety reasons this is a members only event.

Please bring a torch so you can navigate in the dark

Gun mounted torch is recommended but not essential

Game will commence at 7pm and run till late.

Scenarios are as follows.

*Search and Destroy.

*Hold the chopper.

*CQB team death match.  

Other scenarios will follow if we have time.

For the first two parts of the night game (search and destroy & hold the chopper) we will not be returning to the carpark. So take sufficient supplies for the night.

Please pm me if I’ve missed anything  cheers Stu (spicy mchaggis)

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Put me down as a maybe, work dependent. Might be able to bring the red bomb (and hopefully have it rigged up to flash).

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