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ASNZ 2017 Calendar Orders

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Orders are now being taken from clubs for the 2017 ASNZ Calendar. It will feature the top 24 pictures from the ASNZ Photo Competition.

The cost of the calendar is $20 each for ASNZ members ordering through their rep, and $25 each for non ASNZ members, including delivery. From that ASNZ will make a profit of about $10 each, the remainder goes to the printers.

ASNZ club members are urged to order through their rep and will pay $20, in which case the order placed by the rep will be shipped to that rep for distribution. Anybody including ASNZ members ordering individually will pay $25 and their calendar will be shipped direct. Club orders are to be paid for in one payment as the total amount from that club. Once an order is placed it is the clubs responsibility to make their payment on time, if your individual members have not paid you on time that is unfortunately your problem.

Please place orders via PM to me.

Important stuff

Cost: $20 each (ordered through rep)

Cost: $25 each (ordered individually)

Order by: December 19th

Payments for club orders: Clubs pay ASNZ in 1 bulk amount per club with their club name as reference, individuals make payments to their own clubs prior.

Payments for individual orders: Individuals pay direct to ASNZ with their call sign/name as reference

Paid by: December 22nd

Delivered: Deliveries should be prior to 31st December 2016

Make payments to:

ASNZ bank account details

Bank: ANZ

Account number: 01 - 0702 - 0181985 - 00


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