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RUB CORE TANGIMOANA 21/10/2016-24/10/2016

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RuB cores premier event
each year on labour weekend RuB core has held an inter-club event at a farm in Tangimoana.
Last year we invited AHB and they loved it soo much that they are forcing us to do it again...

the fee for this event is $30pp (confirmed)
please pay into 
tim r blair
03 0521 0006125 001
use your club and name or handle as reference
(pays for Porta loos, feild fee, admin fee)

it is important for organizing this event and getting the teams balanced right that you confirm and pay as early as possible

fees can be paid in cash on the day by special allowance only (pm me if this is you)

please arrive after 2pm on Friday 
you may leave after the gaming on sunday or if you would prefur you can leave on monday morning.

63 Tangimoana Beach Rd, Tangimoana 4473, New Zealand

this is a camping style event so you will need tents and sleeping kit etc, 
there will be at least two bbqs but it is recomended that each club brings one
bring enough food for at least 2 nights or 3 if you stay till monday
there is drinking water not far from the camp site 
there will be power at the camp site
and portaloos at the camp site

please remember that this is a RuB core event not an ASNZ event and therefor you are subject to RuB core rules!
2. full face masks are compulsory (this will not be enforced but we wont hold back and if you get shot in the face dont come wingeing to me about it, you have been told)
3. dont be a bitch about being shot, thats what your here for
4. two body one head (will be explained during the event)
5. FPS limit is: 420fps on .2g (1.63j) no MED
6. FPS limit for single action rifles is 600fps 20m MED
7. full auto allowed, rate of fire capped at 25r/s

the skim zone is an old pine forest with small patches of native. it is mostly flat.

day one will be a full day long multi objective skirm with two main teams facing off against each other for area domination.
you will need to bring all your kit needed for a full day of skirming and a compass and radios are HIGHLY recomended. you will be put into teams consisting of your own club, and smaller groups will fit in to balance the teams

day two will be an assortment of action packed skirmishes, with some extreme team building emphisas.

PS: this event is for two days of gaming (saturday and sunday) (you don't wanna miss out on the second day!)


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posting this here as we are short a few folks, 10 spots remaining but this can be extended if need be, if you guys have never been to a RUB interclub i can't recommend it enough, you won't regret it ;)

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