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Operation Viper’s Nest - MilSim Oct 08 - Christchurch

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MilSim hosted by Tactical Airsoft Group Inc.

The Scenario:
Mexico, 2019, after 3 years of conflict a ceasefire is established between the Los Viboras Commandos and the Mexican Federal Government. As part of the negotiations, a prisoner exchange is to take place. Mexican Naval Infantry, supported by their US DEA advisors are moving deep within Viper controlled territory.

This will be an airsoft military simulation game with magazine restrictions and rolling objectives.
ASNZ FPS limits in place with limitations around full auto.
The event will be free and open to any airsoft player over 16 years old.

Please post your interest here or on the TAG Forums.

Where: Tactical Airsoft Group Greenfield
When: October 08 2016
1330: Gates open - you will be instructed to park at the entrance to the field. Weapon 'chronoing' and pre deployment admin.
1430: Briefing
1445: Teams move to deployment
1500: Operation Begins
2100: Approximate Finish Time


Players may join as individuals or in groups of up to 5. Please indicate your team preference. As players register, I will open additional positions.

Friendly Forces:
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Team Size: *Full*
Uniform: Any US uniform
Delta1 - TF33
Delta2 - TF33

Mexico Naval Infantry (Marines)
Team Size: 20
Uniform: Any woodland uniform
Mongoose 1 - MAG
Mongoose 2 - TAG
2-1 - Eda
2-2 -
2-3 - 
2-4 -
2-5 -
Mongoose 3
Mongoose 4

Enemy Forces:
Los Víboras Commandos (Vipers). 
Team Size: *Full*
Viper 1 - ACG
Viper 2 - ACG
Viper 3 - ACG

Uniform: Permitted to wear only one piece of camouflaged uniform. Mask to protect identity recommended. E.G.: Balaclava, bandana, shemagh or facemask.

Background: Violent crime syndicate primarily made up of Mexican Special Forces deserters. Estimated 40-60 personnel. Equipment primarily seized from local military bases, law enforcement and black-market trading. Responsible for sabotaging key US interests in South America and increasingly, domestic attacks, including recent attacks on Las Vegas, Houston and Miami. Considered the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in South America with links to international terror cells. Attacks are primarily funded through narcotic manufacturing and distribution. They are led by Miguel Chávez.

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