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Now recruiting - Team leaders

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I'm looking for a commander and second in command for both the Hokistani Defense Force and Russian Ground Forces.

Both commander and second in command will play for free, all you need to do is bring yourself, your gear and some leadership ability.  It's free because there has to be some incentive for having little to no sleep for 26 hours and everyone hating you because you made them step out into the cold dark night to do a task.

If you think you have what it takes send me a PM with Commander - "insert the side you want to be on".  I will send you a simple TEWT (tactical exercise without troops) to read and reply to so I can ensure you have a modicum of tactical sense.  From there myself and the event team will decide who the two best candidates will be for each side.  Please don't get butt hurt if you don't get selected, we owe it to the guys paying $100 a head to give them who we think is the best commander.  Also if you get selected as the commander and don't show on the day I will buttfuck your soul, literally.


If you are a broke arse, apply to be the commander and its free.

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