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Vid Na More Prologue Rules

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General Rules
Registration, Player Age & Waivers

  • All players must complete the registration form. We will not accept un-registered players on the day.
  • We will only accept players who are 16 years of age (with a firearms license) or older for this event. Every player under the age of 18 must have a parent complete their liability form before being permitted to play.  Players 16-18 that are accompanying a parent are allowed.

Ammo, Measurement of Energy & Weapon Definitions and Restrictions

  • All ammo will be provided to you by the event staff.  Any ammo bought out to the field will be confiscated.
  • All ammo provided will be 0.25g.
  • All weapons will be chronographed using .25g bbs.  Consult the table below for energy.  Three shots will be measured.  If any one of the three readings is over the maximum energy limit for the weapon’s class/specialisation, then the weapon cannot be used until it complies.

Weapon Energy Limits (FPS)

  •  Pistols can fire up to a maximum of 1.13 Joules.
  • AEGs, GBB, SMG, Rifles and Shotguns (including springers) can fire up to a maximum of 1.13 Joules.
  • LSW can fire up to a maximum of 1.63 Joules.
  • Sniper rifles can fire up to a maximum of 2.80 Joules.

Weapon Definitions 

  • A pistol is defined as a hand held weapon with a limited magazine capacity that is supported by the hand only, not the shoulder, it excludes weapons like the MP7, G18 and shorty style M4s
  • LSW are defined as a weapon that is designed to provide supporting fire such as an RPK, M249 or M60.  It does not include an assault rifle style AEG with drum mags, high caps or similar.
  • Sniper rifles can be either gas or spring powered and can fire only one round at a time before having to be manually recocked.

Weapon Restrictions

  • There is to be NO automatic fire inside the buildings i.e. engaging people in the building whilst in the building yourself.
  • There is to be no firing from doorways with weapons that have a M.E.D. i.e. LSW or Sniper rifles.
  • Thunder bee, tornado and cyclone grenades are allowed.


  •  A weapon firing 1.13 Joules or under has no M.E.D.
  • A weapon firing from 1.13 Joules up to 1.63 Joules has a 10m M.E.D
  • A weapon firing from 1.63 Joules up to 2.80 Joules has a 20m M.E.D

NB: Please note there is no restriction around fully automatic fire outside the buildings as long as it is in bursts i.e. 3-5 rounds, however as ammo will be limited to what your team can purchase, fully automatic fire is not recommended.
Player behaviour, risks and safety precautions specific to the sport of Airsoft.

  • Airsoft is an honour sport and players are expected to conduct themselves with honour and sportsmanship.
  • Any players conducting themselves in a dishonourable or un-sporting manner should be reported to a marshall and may be suspended from the event.
  • Players are not to take matters into their own hands.
  •   Marshals will be wearing high-visibility and are available on Radio Channel 20.
  • Eye protection needs to meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards and must fully cover your eye sockets from all angles of impact. Event staff will inspect all eyepro during admin for adherence to this standard. If your eyepro is “on the border” of this standard then we will err on the side of caution and disapprove them. Ensure you have a backup that you know will 100% pass inspection. Steel mesh lenses are permitted. While not required, a mesh or other type lower face mask is suggested as well.
  •   Eye protection must be worn at all times. No exceptions! This means even while you sleep. We will not be responsible for injuries caused by participants who take their eyepro off during the event.


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First Aid Procedures.

  •   In the event of an injury or emergency please notify a marshall on channel 20.
  • A first aid kit will be stationed at the command post.
  • Players are encouraged to bring and carry their own personal first aid kits.
  •  If the game needs to be suspended due to an emergency, a marshal will call “No Duff!” over both teams radio frequencies.  Please follow the marshal’s instructions.
  • In the event of an emergency please make your weapon safe and return to the carpark.

Event rules
Hit Rules.

  • If a BB strikes your person or any equipment you are carrying, including your weapon you are hit.
  •  If a grenade (thunder bee, tornado or cyclone) goes off in the room you are in you are hit.  Even if you where behind a couch and felt that you were in cover you are still hit.
  • If hit, immediately shout “HIT!” and lie down (unless this would cause injury to yourself or someone else, or is in anyway dangerous. In such a case move far enough out of danger and immediately lie down.) If you were prone, or in cover, or for any reason you continue to take fire, shout clearly “HIT!” a second time and wave your arms in the air.  
  • Place your hit marker/dead rag (brightly coloured strip of material) over your head or at night activate your hit marker light.  Once you have done this you are deemed wounded and can now call “MEDIC!”.
  • If you are in any doubt whether you were hit, please err on the side of good sportsmanship and call it.


Treating casualties

  • Any player can treat a casualty who has been hit for the first time within the first five minutes, this will be obvious that it is the first hit because the player will not have their tourniquet fitted.
  • Players are to remove the casualties tourniquet and place it around their upper arm, feed the running end through the triglide, cinch it down then fasten the Velcro.   
  • Players who have been hit and were already wearing their tourniquet or who were not treated within the 5 minute period are deemed wounded and now require higher medical aid.
  • To receive higher medical aid a player must be treated by a Medic.  This will involve the Medic treating the casualty with an I.V. and notching the casualties kill card.  To receive this, a Medic must either make their way to the casualty or the casualty must be brought to them.  To administer an IV takes 10 minutes, this can be shortened to 5 minutes if it is conducted in a Casualty Aid Point.
  • Once the wounded player has been treated with an IV, had their kill card notched and waited the prescribed time they are able to rejoin their squad.
  •  Casualties and wounded are unable to move under their own force and must be dragged or carried except in the case a bleed out.  If a player is moving whilst bled out they are to display their hit marker/hit marker light.

 Casualty conduct

  • Casualties are not allowed to communicate in any manner other than to call medic.  This includes pronounced looks in certain areas i.e. where the enemy who shot you was. 

Prisoners and Searching

  •  Prisoners except for those detailed in mission briefs are not to be taken.  Your commander will inform you if there is to be a prisoner capture taking place. In any scenario involving a prisoner, the prisoner will be played by a NPC, and will not put up a fight. As a result the prisoner will not need to be secured or forcefully moved in any way.
  • To transport a prisoner simply provide an escort and instruct the prisoner to follow a particular individual. The prisoner will comply and will not try to escape.
  • Any hit player who is awaiting a medic or bleed out can be “patted down” by the enemy except in the case of male on female or female on male searches in which case the searcher them must ask for any items to be handed over.  The player being searched is under honour to comply.  Loose ammunition in plastic bags, marked event maps and items of interest specified in mission briefs are the only items that can be taken.  Searchers are not to remove any of the player’s personal equipment. 


Casualty Aid Points

  •  A Casualty Aid Point is a flag that can be placed in a room or on the ground that has a radius of 1 meter that allows a casualty to be treated by a Medic in 5 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes.
  •  If a Casualty Aid Point is to be moved it has a cool down period of 30 minutes before it can become active again.  This starts from when it is taken down.
  •  If the Enemy touches a Casualty Aid Point it is deemed destroyed and cannot be used for 1 hour.



  • A Medic cannot self apply a tourniquet.  It must be done for them.
  • If a Medic becomes a casualty they are able to self heal by waiting 10 minutes (5 minutes in a Casualty Aid Point).  They do not need to be in the presence of another Medic and as such will not bleed out.



Team Wipe

In the unlikely event that the entire team is wiped out then the commander is to lead the team to their original insertion point.  From there the team will wait 30 minutes before re-entering the game.

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