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At the end of the second decade of the 21st century, Europe as we know it has changed.  NATO has ceased to exist, all of the European members except the United Kingdom choosing to trust in the deterrent that was the European Security Forces.  Acts of terrorism in Europe became everyday occurrences and widespread civil unrest transformed France and Germany, the heavyweights of the EU into a shadow of their former selves.  The United Kingdom, having left the EU is in a better state but animosity is rife between the UK and its former EU partners due to that exit.

Countries which had once clamoured for membership into the EU now began to turn towards the Russian Federation as a trading partner and economic stalwart.  For the first time in this century military exercises were held that included the Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia.  

The Russian Federation, seeking to capitalise on the unrest in the EU and no longer deterred by NATO swept in through Poland and Hungary under the pretence of bringing stability to Europe.  In 28 days Russian tanks were at the English Channel and the RUSEUR Federation became a reality.  The UK and USA protested the actions but were no longer obligated to act in defence.

The military forces of the European countries were quickly absorbed under the Russian umbrella.  The RUSEUR Federation then began looking inwards to absorb those countries that had remained autonomous during the invasion.  

One of these countries is Hokistan located by the Caspain Sea.  You will participate as a member of the Hokistani Defence Forces or the US Forces conducting FID in Hokistan presently or as a member of the Russian Ground Forces or their RUSEUR allies.

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