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Closest Club to Kapiti (Paraparaumum)

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Kia ora team,

Sorry if this gets brought up a lot, I've just moved down from the Auckland region and need some buddies so thought why not join a club.
Only issue is I don't know what clubs are most local and are willing/accepting newbies.
Very willing to learn and to purchase own gear, so I won't be begging forever.

Cheers for any help, and feel free to ask me any questions too.

SamTanks aka Sam

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3 hours ago, SamTanks said:

Thanks for the help Big Rudie, but wrong island.

I'm about 50 minutes north of Wellington. 

hahahahaha I totally read that as Kaikoura... My bad!

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As for ASNZ clubs, Main options you have got are WMA, RuBcore, and 232crew. We are all mainly Wellington Based, but its not a long drive from Pram. 

Usually depending on your playing style will determine which club you prefer. 

Theres a club recruitment/info pages on here somewhere (i think you should be able to see them). Hit us up and can give you some info. 

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