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Vid Na More Prologue Event Info!

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First Milsim event at the Hokitika Battle Arena, 
Hokistani Defense Force are trying to Protect their lands from the Invading Russian Ground Force... Which side will you choose? 

This event is based on a 24-30hrs scenario.
Dates 19-21/08/2016
Register your squads of 5 men on the forums.
Team limits is 25.

ALL Ammo is provided (weight of .25)
for the Sniper missions their will be heavier weights

Admin team are
Luke Tuffery aka Ohraz
63 aka 63
Chudley aka Chuds
Bruno aka FluffyCat
Josh aka ReaperNet

Registration forum is here Google Form
Cost of attending :$100 with a min of 50% paid before end of July to secure your spot.

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Ok guys this is a basic overview of how the event will go.

Limited medics, depending on how many squads we get depends on how many medics you get.  For 6 x 5 man squads you will only have a pool of 4 medics.  This is intended to make the medics much more of an asset for the team than I have seen them being used in the past.  Setting a medic up in a Casualty Aid Point to support your attack may mean the difference between failure and success.  Medics work for the event, not just for your team.  They will fight and heal for your side but they are also ad hoc marshalls.  They will call out players who they observe not calling their hits and their call carries the same authority as the event marshalls.  If a medic calls you out as terminal non hit caller I will kick you off the field and you won't get a refund.

There are no bases, none.  There are objectives in game but you have no safe place to sleep at night with a cozy tent.  You can sleep in what you can hold.  That means you might find yourself getting hauled out of your sleeping bag at 0 dark hundred to fight of an enemy attack.  Same thing for cooking, there will be designated cooking areas outside each building but just because you are in them doesn't mean you can't get shot.  You can bring as much gear as you want to bring but you have to be able to carry it with you or secure it.  Keep this in mind with the equipment you pack and the foods you choose to eat.  This is Milsim and maintaining security is key, there is no time out. 

Ammo will be limited and we will be chronoing all your weapons and checking your kit for any "extra" before the event kicks off as part of the admin bull ring.  Your commander has final say as far as ammo, medics and other assets are dished out.  For Prologue ammo will be distributed at timed intervals and it will be a task to go and collect it.  If the opposing team gets to your ammo first then you had better start collecting spent BBs off the floors.  Yes the enemy can pat you down (in accordance with the rules) and take any loose ammo.

The leader of each side will have his work cut out for him.  I along with the other event organisers will do our best to guide them as needed but the onus is on them to maintain security and achieve objectives.  This event is not scripted to happen at certain timings.  The whole thing will be run live from an Event Control point (EVCON) so you can be confident that if your team has been given orders to carry out a task probability is high that the opposing team has been given orders to spoil your day.

Control of the event area will be decided by the Marshalls during 2 hourly checks noting who is occupying certain areas.  Yes it sux that you may have held an area for the last 1:45 and just got the boot when the marshall came through.  We will have a slightly more refined system in place for Crisis next year which will become a lot more important.

There will be a BBQ lunch on the Sunday, I expect you will need the protein by then.  This event is intended to be enjoyable whilst pushing you both physically and mentally. due to the nature of the site it won't be like other events where you managed to achieve tasks without seeing a single enemy.  Be prepared to have to fight for everything and plan accordingly. 


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Just an FYI

Fees cover your site costs, ammo, tourniquets (which you keep and will receive a discount off the cost of Crisis next year for having) and a BBQ lunch on the Sunday.

There will be accommodation on site the night before (addition cost TBC) for those who don't want an early start.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE on alcohol and drugs both pre and during the event.

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Just a note guys, make sure you have hit markers for day and night.  These are a popular option for Hoki at night and work well.

Have a torch, preferably two and batteries for both.

There has been some talk of taking tents, don't bother chaps.  There is plenty of buildings to sleep in,  the trick is making sure you can keep them secure.

I'll have a recommended kit list out this weekend, essentially you want everything to fit in a day/patrol pack because you aren't going to have many options for long term storage of kit that will be used in game.

We can charge batteries that have gone flat but I recommend bringing a few.  

I don't recommend cooking cans on a cooker/stove as their is potential for harmful metals to leech into the food.  I REALLY don't recommend cooking cans on stoves/cookers unless you have popped the seal on them.  They will blow up like a grenade.  Yes I know some old sweats liked to dent the can, cook and then open and eat when the dent popped out.  I've also seen some old sweats rolling on the ground screaming because their can exploded and scalding hot baked beans and sausages sticks to kids just like napalm.

Where possible car pool, we'll look at pulling the drivers out for a non interrupted pre drive snooze overnight to further the cause of safety.    

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Basic timeline of the event

  • 200800 - Process in (sign waivers, issue TQs etc) 
  • 200830 - Opening address
  • 200850 - Admin bull ring (one team equipment checks, rules refamiliarization.  Other team chrono and tag)
  • 200920 - Move to start points
  • 201000 - Game on
  • 211000 - Game ends (approx time)
  • 211030 - Post event activities (refurbish areas, commanders debrief with event staff)
  • 211200 - BBQ and closing address
  • 211330 - Close down

for those that don't realise the two digits at the start denote the date i.e. 20th August 0800.

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