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Flight Recorder

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This is one of the props I've made for Op Hardline at DAC tomorrow - a Cockpit Voice Recorder.  Unfortunately due to time constraints it's only partly done, but it looks the part enough for the event. 

Just a box made from pallet planking, painted orange and with the white stripe added.

After the event, once I've got a bit more time, I'll finish it off, for use at club days and future events.  I'll add pics as it progresses.


Still to do:

Tidy up the paint job on the white stripes

Add the stencil of "Flight Recorder do not open"

Add a carry handle at one end

Add a mock Underwater Locator Beacon

Add/paint gauges on the front. 


If I ever get the time, I might also make a Flight Data Recorder to pair with it, but this was by far the easier design.





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