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Die Schweizer (The Swiss)

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Die Schweizer (The Swiss) are a Airsoft Milsim unit located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The unit is based on Swiss Infantry of the early 90s, nothing overly fancy, no operators or special forces. Soldaten in the unit wear the correct uniform for the time and identical equipment. To add to the realism we use original Swiss Army equipment such as repair kits, medical supplies, food, cooking utensils & much more.

Aside from attending Airsoft games as a unit, Die Schweizer also conduct unit tactics training, Ruck marches, drill, overnight camps and social gatherings. All this helps to experience what it might've been like as Swiss Infantrymen of the period.

We look forward to fighting alongside you at local Airsoft games!
If you are interested in joining the unit, or would like to find out more feel free to message us via our facebook page.



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