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$10 off 12hr Airsoft Marathon at Asylum - 1st Aug

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The Asylum are running another awesome 12 hour Airsoft Event. The "Mega Terror Marathon".

Use the code ASNZ10 to receive $10 discount off your entry ticket.

Book online at: www.nightterror.co.nz


Unlike their previous events, this one starts earlier in the day so you get to enjoy intense daylight combat but still end up gaming in creepy black-out conditions at night.

The Marathon is built on a scavenger-hunt mechanic where competitors locate themed props in and around the building to trade on the Black Market for chits.

The props vary in type and value and you soon figure out which ones are worth battling over. There are basic multipliers that allow you to gain additional points.

Chits can be spent on activities such as:

- hiring a mercenary to bolster you team and scavenging options

- placing a bounty on your competition

- hiring a tame Zombie for attack

- programming a Juggernaut for support


As your chits tally increases, so do your points.

Your points will continue to rise and the winning individual or team is the one with the most points at the end of the event. So there is always a clear winner. But it's not so easy...

Although you can't spend your points, you will lose a portion if you lose a bounty. So during the later stages of the game player tactics, bounties and merc hires really start to take off as teams battle not only to grab the most loot but also to screw each other over.


This Mega Terror Marathon features new side missions that players can unlock to battle bosses and nab extra swag for big bucks/points. There are a limited number of side missions to unlock making them a unique and valuable experience worth competing for.

There are also a bunch of new daytime objectives to give competitors the opportunity to employ some good CQB skills and fully utilise the field.


Infected Zombie hordes and invulnerable Juggernauts are popular features at these events. When encountering Zombies you risk the chance of becoming infected. If you do become infected you end up playing for a short time as a Zombie yourself. This has proven so popular that some players request the chance to do so voluntarily.

If you encounter a Juggernaut in the dark: first, get somewhere else, fast. Second, change your undies.

Did I mention that Asylum is located within one of NZ's most haunted sites? The Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital. There have been reports of strange occurrences by previous Asylum game attendees, which adds to the atmosphere of the event.


Date: Saturday, 1st August

9.00am Doors Open/Registration

10.30am Game Brief

11.00am Mega Terror Marathon starts

6.00pm BBQ Snacks available

11.00pm Mega Terror Marathon ends

11.30pm Prize Giving


The Asylum Terror Events are a lot of fun and very social. The venue is uniquely atmospheric and the perfect place to employ this type of themed gaming.

The game mechanics are simple to understand yet complex in how you may choose to employ them. All this creates a hardcore yet enjoyable event able to be played by both veteran Airsofters and those new to the sport.

All profits from the event go towards promoting the sport to the public. This is to help grow awareness of Airsoft and boost the number of players joining our ranks. The Asylum are working with Airsoft players and clubs to get the public involved and are producing Airsoft specific videos towards that end. Video will be taken at the Mega Terror Marathon to help showcase not only this event and venue, but the sport as a whole.

They hope to see you there to enjoy the event and help the Airsoft community.


For more info about the event and to book, visit the Night Terror Events website: www.nightterror.co.nz

You can follow the event updates on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1461026834209162/

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