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Rolling thunder 2015: Update

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Well depending on which weather forecast you believe, the weather should be good for Saturdays game, Forecasts range from Largely cloudy to Light cloud which is a big improvement from the light rain forecast last week'

A notice will be put up on our Facebook page Thursday night giving our best guess re the weather and a final call will be made early Friday afternoon, BUT

At this stage.......its all on

REMEMBER to bring, Lots of BB's, Charged Batteries, some warm clothing, ( it has been slightly cool lately ) and a light packed lunch along with any trail food you feel like nibbling on in the field. BBQ provided at the end of the game at Richards address on SH1 Wairakei ( directions to both the Game field and Richards address will be posted on our Facebook page.

Please read up on our FPS/MED rules as posted earlier. Anyone with a CQB rated weapon the MED will be the same as for pistols

Bang Kills allowed but please remember that it is not compulsory acceptance by the target. In other words if your target doesnt accept the BangKill be prepared to shoot and if you do not own/use a pistol, The MED rule for your gun MUST be complied with. There is no excuse for opening up at close range with a Non CQB rated gun.

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