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Operation Rolling Thunder 2015

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Operation Rolling Thunder 2015

Date : Saturday 25th July

Location : 1129 Poihipi Road, Taupo.

This being Tony's address where directions to game field will be given, its about 250 metres along the road


Gates Open : 08:30

Briefing Time : 09:30

Game kickoff : 10:00hrs until Mid afternoon - Warmup game first, if time permits, then Main Game Phase 1,

Lunch Break 1200 hours approx

After lunch the Main Game, Phase 2, commences.

Expected end of game at 1530 hours

There is camp sites available at Richards farm, 430 SH1, Wairakei


The after match BBQ will be held at the same address so is convenient for anyone wishing to travel and camp/crash at a safe location

FIELD CHARGE: $20 ( price will include aftermatch sausage sizzle/BBQ )

Time Line:

08:30 Gates Open and Registration

09:30 Safety and OP Brief

09:45 Teams to start points

10:00 OP Start

Location: Poihipi Road. Main fields

Operation Outline: A state of alert exists between the neighbouring countries of Turdistan and Quitt

Turdistan is a breakaway Kingdom from the Kurdistan Republic and Quitt was once a French possession recently granted partial independence from France.

Turdistan has put the Royal Turdish army on full alert as has Quitt. The Quitt army being trained by France, is known affectionately as the FarQuitt Army. ( stands for "French ARmy of QUITT"

There are unconfirmed reports within both countries that there is an unknown group of terrorists attempting to start a war between Turdistan and Quitt

Further intelligence indicates that both countries have possibly moved WMD's and support scientists for those weapons, closer to their respective borders in secret base camps.

Both countries clearly hope to gain tactical advantage over the other by utilising WMD's early in any conflict.

Turdistan is believed to have developed a Bacteriological weapon,reportedly causing uncontrollable Diarrhoea, whereas the Farquitt Army has developed a chemical weapon that gives its victims a drastic lowering of IQ, rather like the Farquitt army itself

Plans have been drawn up by both countries to neutralise the others WMD advantage should war break out.



A red kill rag ( HI VIS preferred )

As many weapons as required, batteries and/or gas for a 5 hr duration game ( you will need to reload in the field )

All protective gear ( eye pro etc )

Suitable footwear, light shoes definitely not recommended as this is a forest/hill environment

Lunch for midday break. Orange cordial will be available on site for lunch break.

Water or fluids for duration of games

Food Bars or nibbles

Recommended Additional Kit

A personal radio, 1w min. 5w preferred fully programmed, due to the field size this is a big advantage to have

A change of clothes for all conditions, hot or cold.

Wet weather gear


Alpha: Blue Team ( aka The Royal Turdish Army )

Brave: Red Team (aka The FarQuitts )

Charlie: Terrorists

Game Regs


Knife Kills-Yes

Bang Kills-Yes but only available with use of secondary weapon. ( Pistol rated for CQB use) Standard MED rules apply for use of pistol

Squad Autos: Yes

Squad or Support Weapons are authorized. Please ensure to switch over to your secondary or side arm to comply with MED rules

Long Rifles, ie, M16,AK47 etc: Semi Auto or 3 round burst only. Full auto capable weapons allowed without a mosfet, but auto to be used in burst fire only, ie NO CAMPING

MED for pistols: 5 metres

MED for all other weapons other than Snipers: minimum 15 metres, 25 metres for high fps weapons, ie, over 420fps

Sniper Weapons: Yes

Maximum 450fps for snipers (semi or bolt action only)

Ensure to switch to your secondary or side arms to comply with MED rules

Minimum Engagement Distances for Snipers is 25 metres.

CHARLIE team: No restrictions on Weapons, style or type

MED's as above applies

MEDIC Rules: Medic via Game Marshall/Medic embedded into each team

Team positions for Alpha and Bravo will be allocated on the game day, however applications for Charlie team can be made prior to game day.

There is a limited number of positions available and they will be filled by the Game Controller and applicants advised.

Preference for this role will be given based on both weaponry and experience. As this is a mercenary role, sneakiness, treachery and backstabbing ability is an advantage

Any applications for this role to....... [email protected] please include a very brief resume showing your apptitude for the role.

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