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Game on the 22nd of March

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Hey guys next game on the 22nd of March.

For those NOT going to Hoki.

Games start at 10am so be there by 9:30am. At Combat Zone paintball.

Start at 10am run to 4pm.

All New guns will be chronoed.

All Other guns will be subjected to random chronoing over time.

Hot weapons will not be allowed on the field.

Field fee of $5, Paid to Field Owner Brian.

Club guns available.

Hire fee of $10 for club gun and 450rds of ammo for the day

Additional ammo is $5 for a extra 450rds

Game fee of $10 if you aren't a member and have played more than two games.





Coming Non-DAC members (Max 6)

Club guns - 3 Left

Jimmy +1

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Just as a side note who is going to run games? as a lot of people will be at hoki. Dose anyone who's not going want to volunteer? Could be a fantastic opportunity to try a new game style?

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