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Block Wars IV

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Block Wars IV: Creeping Death


This could potentially be our last Block Wars at New Zealands premier CQB location so you won't want to miss this exciting opportunity!

Join us @ The Infirmary for an epic day of airsoft, an 8 hour Block Wars event followed by a Flame grilled feast, drinks and entertainment.

Stay on site with us Friday and Saturday nights and help us make this the best Block Wars yet!



  • All attendees must be 18 or over. Special exemptions may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • AHB Management reserves the right to refuse entry to this event for any reason.


10:00am Saturday 18 April to approximately 7:00pm.

The Infirmary gates will be open from approximately 5:00pm Friday 17 April


Friday 17/04/15

-5:00pm - gate open

Saturday 18/04/15

-9:00am - chronograph/waivers/etc

-10:30am - briefing

-11:00am - game on

-7:00pm - game off/dinner

Site available for Sleeping Friday and Saturday nights. We have access to 60 or so rooms in the nurses quarters, you'll need your own bedding and something to sleep on. There is also space for tenting if preferred.


The Infirmary (Waipukurau Hospital).

The site is gated with space for vehicles inside the complex.


$40 Event Fee, Payable to the AHB bank account by 10/04/15

Bank: Kiwibank

A/C Name: Airsoft HB

A/C Number: 38-9010-0535181-00


  • Airsoft guns and gear (Ensure you have 0.2g BBs, a limited amount may be available for purchase)
  • Food and Drink (Takeaway meals are available within walking distance of the site). We will be putting on a sausage sizzle lunch and a BBQ dinner on the Saturday which is included in the price.
  • A Red Killrag


Block Wars is not a military style game, we encourage people to dress in as little camo as possible, ideally none. Webbing and vests are fine for carrying kit, but try to wear civilian clothing. Think future gangster theme. There will be prizes for best dressed among other things. In Mega City One, camouflage is a restricted item. Any citizens seen wearing it will arouse suspicion, be subject to an increased chance of being interrogated and possibly arrested by the Judges.


These are some examples of the type of kit we're looking for. If you're in Eightball Block (AHB) you'll be wearing yellow. If you're in the 83 Mall rats (Not AHB) you'll be wearing purple.




  • Certified safety goggles or other certified eye protection must be worn at all times in the field of play.
  • All weapons must be rendered safe when in any designated safe zone.
  • During CQB, Full face protection is recommended.
  • Only 0.2g BBs or lighter, are to be used in all weapons for this event.
  • A Red Killrag must be used when hit, to minimise additional hits.
  • All instructions by Airsoft Hawkes Bay directing staff must be followed at all times.

Standard Energy/FPS limits:

1.13 Joules (350 FPS on 0.2g BBs)

Player Conduct:

(D.B.A.D Rule)

Airsoft is a sport requiring a high level of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. As such we have implemented a "Don't be a Dick" rule. This rule should be fairly self-explanatory. Basically, in any situation where there is doubt about whether you are hit, it's always better to take the hit. By the same token, if you're the shooter - be quick to give the benefit of the doubt to the other player. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all those interested in Airsoft.


Hit Rules:

  • Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause.
  • Call yourself hit when hit. If in doubt, call yourself hit to be safe. Make sure you yell hit, place your hit rag on your head/gun and where possible act out your death loud enough so everyone knows you’re hit.
  • A Bang Kill/Freeze Kill rule will not be enforced, but DBAD still applies (Lighting someone up unnecessarily at close range is Being A Dick).
  • When hit please remain in place for 180 seconds with your Killrag on your head before heading to your respawn area. This will allow kill/capture based objectives to be completed properly. After 180 seconds you can call yourself "Bled Out" and cannot interact with other players until you respawn
  • Any of your team mates may perform a 30 second touch medic on you by placing one hand on your body and counting 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds has been counted you will call "back in" and carry on playing
  • When dead and bled out, you will return to the Hall of Justice to register your death with admin, then return to your team base to respawn.

Knife Kills:

  • If you can sneak up on someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you’re there, that is a “knife kill” and they are hit. This is a very rare move and is highly commendable. When knife killed there is no opportunity to get a medic and there is no bleed out, you will immediately hand over any captured game items and go to the Hall of Justice, then to your respawn.

Grenade Kills:

  • Grenade kills will only occur in enclosed spaces with no easy exits. Stairwell grenade kills will not occur unless a person is clearly within a confined space with the grenade when it goes off.
  • BB Throwing Grenades (Tornados) count as other normal weapons - BB hit = a Hit taken

Rate of Fire:

  • Full auto is allowed with mid/low cap magazines
  • Semi only with highcap magazines
  • Real World LMG's can go full auto with any magazine
  • Judges can go full auto with any magazine


Prison Guards/Admin:

Silver Assassin P

Wasp P


Jaybee P

Punisher P

Stag POD

Jock P

Eightball Block


1-Torak P

2-Buelly POD

3-BJ P

4-Rattle? POD

5-Rock P

6-Jimbo P

7-Wrecker POD

8-Velvis P

9-Josh POD

10-WildCard P

11-Porky P

12-Nathan P

13-Leon POD

14-Havok P

15-Stitch POD

16-Big Dave P

17-Flame P

18-Jexla P

19-Skopez P

20-Reece P

21-Xander P

22-Colt P

23-Robo POD

83 Mall Rats


1-Jarred Sutton P

2-J Laing P


3-Iroquois47 P

4-Hemek P

5-Kiddle P


6-J0ker P


7-Theros P



9-delta.2 P

10-delta.2+1 P


11-Danny P

12-Jacob P

13-James P

14-Nick P

15-EVT P

16-Tim P

17-Adam P

18-Chris P

29-Muffin P

20-Ned P

21-Stuart P

22-Angus POD

23-Merc 1 POD

24-Merc 2 POD

P = Paid

POD = Pay on Day

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Is there any more gaming after dinner?

We're discussing that, the short answer is most probably. We'll put up some info once we've figured out exactly what.

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Over the weekend we have negotiated the use of the old nurses quarters bunk rooms for accommodation, which we have not been able to use at previous Block Wars events. So on the Friday and Saturday nights you have the option of a stretcher or air mattress on the floor in a 3mx3m room (there are approximately 60 rooms) or you can tent out on the grass. There will be several running toilets, but no shower facilities.

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It'll be full auto on mid/low cap mags and semi only on highcap mags, with exceptions for Judges and real world LMG's who can use full auto at all times.

I thought I had put that info in the top ost, I'll update to include it.

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Sunset in April will be around 6pm, and because of this we have decided to change the game times from 10am start and 6pm finish to 11am start and 7pm finish. That way we have more time before game for admin, and we get an hour of twilight/night gaming. Dinner will now be at 7pm followed by some non-airsoft related entertainment.

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Hey guys, 9 days until registration/payment cut off. There's still plenty of space for more players!

The main reason we need payments 2 weeks prior to the event this year is because we're putting on a catered BBQ feed, so we need to order all the food.

So if you're coming and haven't yet registered, do so now. And please make your payment to the AHB bank account by 3/4/15

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Hey guys, cut off for registrations and payments is this Friday.

If you haven't yet registered and plan to, do so now

If you have club mates who are planning to come but have not yet registered, either get them to do it, or do it for them if they don't have ASNZ access etc.

Use your registered name and "Block Wars" as reference

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Paid, bank payment reference as 'Verax'


Also, can we reserve 4 bunk beds in the nurses quarters please.

Edited by Kiddle

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Now that we've got a good idea of numbers, we've organised the teams. It's going to be Airsoft Hawkes Bay vs Everybody else.

Airsoft Hawkes Bay will be "Eightball block" and our team colour will be yellow. All the other clubs will be "The 83 Mall Rats" and their team colour will be purple.

These are some examples of the type of kit we're looking for. If you're in Eightball Block (AHB) you'll be wearing yellow. If you're in the 83 Mall rats (Not AHB) you'll be wearing purple.


Feel free to post pictures of your kit here to give other players some inspiration.

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