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ASNZ Hokie 20/03/2015

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Game game of the day its a good warm up

Game 1 saturday

1 hour

Op good morning NAC

Death match

This is a card game, its fun and fast.

You start in 2 teams at your only spawn point

each spawn point will have a deck of NAC cards

each card has a description on eg: shoot crack

handed or each time you fire you must shout something.

Rules are simple shoot the other team as much as possible

each time you get shot go back to your spawn area pick another

card (the one face down) then place it face up next to the deck, then you have to do

what that card says, if you pick up your last card you are to turn

the face up cards over to start the deck again also place a poker

chip into the bowl.

How do we win?

at the end of the hour the remaining face down cards are counted

and the chips in the bowl as well, the least number is the winner.

medic rules?

None spawn areas only

2nd game this will start people working in teams.

Game 2 Saturday

1 hour

Op puzzle Find

there are 8 puzzle pieces dotted around the gaming area, they are

placed in pairs you are only to take your team colour as cheating will forfeit your team

its simple get all your pieces together make the puzzle take a photo post up on hoki face book page or get Spanky the photo chick to verify then end of game

medic rules?

everyone is a medic

compound rules

1min with one person

30sec with 2 people

15sec with 3 people

alive in 10 with 4 people

2 hands on dead player to respawn them

what happens if we finish early?


can we spawn camp?

yep but players are immortal 20m around the spawn area

and you will be known as a cock.

so can we respawn at the spawn area?

yep 1 min with a 5 min bleed out time

can we move dead player?


can we use them as a shield?

yep but if your thinking about doing it to someone expect a punch after they get lit up

If i get shot and i'm taking in heavy fire can i move?

yep but you must shout that you are a dead man and you are moving to safety out of firing line (no more than 10 paces)

If i get shot holding on to a piece of puzzle what happens then?

you can not bleed out you have to wait to be medicated but you can get dragged to safety

so I can't pass the piece to someone else?

Nope once a player touches a puzzle piece they have committed themselves to delivering it back to their spawn area

3rd game Star working on your comms guys communication is vital

game 3 Saturday


Op spankys ping pong trick


Spanky used to work in a travelling circus many years ago now due to Joe's overly love of cats she must dust of her ping pong balls and get back to work as the price of cat food has gone up.

get all 5 balls (there are 6 in total but you only need 5) on to your team stand then get spanky to confirm them, then she will sound off her hooter

each team starts with a bucket of coloured water and 6 shot plastic glasses.

dotted around the gaming area are 12 black tubes(6 for each team) (each tube will be marked with your team colour) with

ping pong balls in them to get the ball out you need to fill

the tube up with water (only gaming water to be used) once the ball is exposed so you fingers can pick it out

take the ball to your spawn area and place onto the stand once all balls are on the stand get spanky to verify for your team to win the game.

medic rules?

everyone is a medic

compound rules

1min with one person

30sec with 2 people

15sec with 3 people

alive in 10 with 4 people

2 hands on dead player to respawn them

what if I have a full glass on me and get shot?

you're dead and must pass it onto whoever brings you back to life

what if I spill water in the gaming area?

it is your job H&S to clean it up

so is there lids on the shot glasses?

No its up to you to not spill any best to use 2 hands one to hold and one to cover it

if I get shot with a ball on me what then?

pass it onto the person that brought you back to life

can I bleed out or move if I have a ball?

No but players can drag you to safety to respawn you

how much to fill the tubes to get the balls out?

each are different

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Nac badge 83mm 38mm $5.00 with velcro $8.00

Name badge 84mm 33mm $5.00 with velcro $8.00

Scar font printed on caps 120mm 40mm $8.00 with name as well $3.00

cap not supplied

Scar badge 103mm 36mm $6.00 with velcro $10.00

Quote for set up scar badge $70 then $12.00 each after

Quote for shark (nac)badge just to find out one with more detail $90 set fee then $25.00 each after

These are the colours as the green that was going to get used was nasty and light.

Orders before wednesday and i'm picking them up on route to hoki

Same as last time

Name colour amount eg:

CHUDLEYBLK2vkha1v =chudley 1 black 1 brown

Black = blk


velcro = v

Pm me any one wanting black and white name tags

I will run his every 2 to 4 weeks with a little extra cost for stamp and envelope

Redone Reprice

R Lee

03 1766 0257891 02



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Nothing you need to worry about. Admin stuff for Ohraz and myself.

This one's a tard, this one ain't etc! :)

Don't forget black insulation tape and brooms!

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Fuck yeah, best room was the lounge. That place was a nightmare of tension - sometimes you could hear someone in the room with you, but you didn't know if they were friendly or not, and could only find out by touching them. I think at one point there were 4 or 5 people in there, sitting like funnelweb spiders.

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Who's Chrono got shot out? My workmate is the one who shot it and the replacement has arrived. Could whoever it is PM me so I can get it shipped to you.

Thanks :)

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