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Day3 - 08-02-2014 - DOTA

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Please for teams of 5 Heroes/players - exactly timing and game format will be decided based on number of entries.

all other players not in a team, or not scheduled to play at a particular match will be able to join as creeps

Game Rules

if you play DOTA this would make sense - anyways here is the airsoft port of it

  • Teams of 5 Heroes
  • Teams may be augmented by a mutually agreed number of creeps. creeps may be selected from available spectators/non teamed players on the day. Players on a registered team may not act as creeps for other teams.
  • Creeps may only shoot, die, respawn (see below)
  • Heroes only may destroy towers
    • towers are pieces of paper/card located along the path. there will be a grid of 50 boxes on the card.
    • to destroy towers, each hero player, may make 1 mark on the card, every minute while in the vicinity of the tower
    • tower is destroyed when 50 marks (or less, subject to change/balancing on the day) is reached
    • remember you are attacking the opposing towers in each lane - do not attack the first two towers on your side in each lane

    [*]Final base assault

    • you will be provided with a siege weapon located at your base
    • the siege weapon may only be moved in a designated lane
    • the siege weapon may only be moved past towers that have been destroyed
    • therefore you will need to clear at least 1 entire lane to be able to bring the siege weapon to the enemy base
    • once the siege weapon reaches the enemy base, proceed to attack with the same method as destroying towers. card will be attached to the siege weapon. once 50 marks is reached, the enemy base is destroyed and you win


    • no medics
    • return to respawn point (50m behind and out of sight of your base) once dead
    • Heroes respawn after 1 minute at respawn point
    • Creeps respawn in groups of 3 (exact number TBD and subject to change)

    [*]There may be a time limit on the game imposed for scheduling reasons, if a total victory is not reached then the winner will be calculated by

    • Firstly, the number of towers destroyed
    • Secondly, tower destruction progress (number of marks made total on all towers)
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