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Below is a complete record of all the Trophies that ASNZ has to offer at its Nationals and the past records of each.

ASNZ Trophies

Mattheus van der Lee Memorial Trophy - Awarded for outstanding sportsmanship.


2012 Winner: Leith 'Sirkish' Watt - A.S.A

2013 Winner: Joe 'Joe' Fraser - N.A.C

2014 Winner: Andrew 'Johnsy' Johns - T.A.R

2015 Winner: Logan 'Logan' Clarke - T.A.R

2016 Winner: Danny 'Spitfire' Cushing - RuB

2017 Winner: Jonathan 'Jock' Harvey - RuB  


ASNZ Championship Trophy - Awarded to the overall regional winner of the annual ASNZ Championship.


2013 Winning Squad: O.G. - R.U.B, Wellington.

2014 Winning Squad: Hydra - N.A.C, Nelson.

2015 Winning Squad: 242nd Seaborne - N.A.C, Nelson.

2016 Winning Squad: TAG Mix - T.A.G, Christchurch.

2017 Winning Squad: 343 - N.A.C, Nelson.


ASNZ Presidents Trophy for Marksmanship - Awarded to an individual winner of the accuracy event at the annual ASNZ Championship.


2013 Winner: Jamie 'Zimmer' Auld - N.A.C

2014 Winner: Nick 'Morgan Black' Robinson - N.A.C

2015 Winner: Nick 'Morgan Black' Robinson - N.A.C

2016 Winner: Marcel 'Daffy' Veart-Smith - A.S.A

2017 Winner: Andrew 'Poncho' Eastwick - TAG


ASNZ SniperTrophy - Awarded to an individual winner of the sniper event at the annual ASNZ Nationals competition.


2017 Winner: Tim 'Flazzbog' Mcleod - TAG 






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Wow. For some reason I have never seen this thread. Makes me more motivated to win the sniper comp.

Good on you Zimmer for putting this up. It needs to be mentioned each time the nationals are on. It would make more people want the trophies.

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