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ASA NOMAD Operation Badlands contraband Labour weekend 25 october 2014

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In 2020, due to intensified crack downs on drug running operations travelling through American borders as well as increased DEA presence locally; small-time drug peddling has almost ceased to exist. However, illegal drug consumption has still remained at an all time high. The American drug trade has long been under the sole control of one organisation, the Demanos family.

The Demanos family, born of one of the oldest of the organised crime mafia families is powerful enough to bribe senators and threaten border police in order to maintain their drug operation. Utilising their wealth, power and influence, they have been able to keep a monopoly on the American drug trade, remaining unchallenged for a number of years. Steeped in tradition, the Demanos see themselves as proud and honourable, with a dedication to ‘old world’ values. However, they are not above extortion and maintaining a small private army of their own. The current head of the Demanos family is Ettore Demanos, a well educated and highly respected man.

The extent of the Demanos family drug network extends across the entire continental United States. However recently, connections have been lost to the south, and sales towards the southern states have been dwindling. Product production facilities have also been disappearing without explanation, serving to fuel Ettore Demanos’ frustrations. Information has been spreading, that a new contender has arisen to challenge the long held Demanos monopoly.

The Rojas cartel is the largest of the South American drug cartels, and are executing plans to re-expand back into the American market, having been absent for the past decade. While the typical cartel member would be described as wild, with a tendency for violence, the leadership of the Rojas is with no lack of brains and cunning. Marcelo Rojas, the young successor to the Rojas cartel leadership is a man of ambition. Long has he envisioned the control of drug smuggling return back to the hands of cartels such as his, and with the passing of his late father, he is set to put his vision to reality.

In the jungles of Panama, lie the main Rojas production fields. Ettore, angered by the Rojas encroaching into his territory, has led a charge of Demanos enforcers to strike at Rojas drug production.

To complicate the situation, a powerful mercenary group has become more active in the area. While friends to neither the Rojas nor Demanos, they are always willing to exchange services for payment.

In the badlands of the Panamanian jungles, blood will be spilt as two families clash, vying for control in a violent drug war.


Nomads of Auckland welcome you to our 24 hour milsoft game


ARRIVE : from 0900

GAME BRIEF : 1000 all mission briefs will be handed to respective Team leaders of the Rojas team and the Demanos team


ENDEX : sunday 26th october 1100

FEE : $50.00

this covers field hire props and end of game bbq and refreshments

A MAX energy limit of 1.7j (430 fps on 0.2g) will be in place and all guns crono'd. Full Auto allowed(conditional)

Min engagement 10 metres primaries Min engagement 5 metres secondaries No high capacity magazines permitted for any full auto capable gun (legitimate support guns exempt using box magazines)

A full safety brief will be given on the day.



BORDER PATROL WILL BE ON DUTY THROUGH OUT THE GAME : it can be captured and can be shot at.

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