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Gravedigger Operations Game 5 - The Lost Sector

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Hi All

Its not that long till the Zone opens its gates again this year on 7th of March

Last scientists expedition to Lost Anomaly (Jan 2014) revealed that there are a lot of unexplored and forgotten territories within the zone. Military intelligence revealed a small enclave with unusual anomalous activities. For some reason emissions are more frequent and powerful in this particular territory. Rumours leaked to stalkers, and Yar decided to send couple of scouts to the area. 7 months later, they have returned, with artefacts never seen before, told stories about the treasure troves in the dangerous lands, new kinds of snorks and bloodsuckers, stronger and faster and new type of emission, unseen before in the zone. Artefacts turned out to be of great value for scientists, who paid the scouts so well, they have left the Zone forever.

Scientists expedition is being sent with military escort to research the new territory. For some odd reason, Freedom sent a strong squad there to establish an outpost in the area. Stalkers are getting ready to explore a new land and finally get rich or die trying.

Freedoms established outpost stopped reporting in, and scouts sent there to find out what happened never returned.

Prepare yourself for new challenge, new dangers and new experiences.

Game will run if we get 50 Stalkers, 12 Bandits and 4 scientists.

Event will be held at 380 Wilson Rd, South Head Auckland

Map : http://gnear.net/lyubov.jpg

Price of the event is $50 for those who pre-register. If you cant get yourself together beforehand, you will pay $75 on the day.

Account number for registration fee is :



Please use this form:


Event updates will be posted on Facebook in this group and on forums:


Main changes from Last Gravediggers

Revised economics – more artefacts and valuable shit for you in the field to hunt for, better prices paid to ensure you keep digging .

Increased threats – you have more chances to die than previously, so watch it .

More goodies and bonuses – more stuff to hunt for on the day.

You will hear when emissions are starting – pyros will be used to announce emissions

There will be well paid missions from head trader and scientists Scenario line to the game as well – all the small things you do will influence the outcome of the game

Physical prizes will be given instead of just titles

There is more, but you will find out only on the day smile emoticon

Stay tuned, Register in advance, and bring your friends smile emoticon

See ya all there

Rules :

All on All game (Forge alliances or go it alone, it's up to you!)

- All ammo is supplied (you Cannot use your own ammo in this game) additional can be bought in town

- shot anywhere on your body / gun / kit counts as a HIT, once HIT call HIT, remain 180 seconds in place, once 180 seconds is up you may continue scavenging as normal

- The Trader in LittleHaven will pay you for any Artifacts/Dogtags you find in the zone

- You can remove Artifacts / Bandages / DogTag(s) / Cash from HIT players

- Lost your DogTag? you are considered DEAD, you gotta Drop All your collected stuff then return to LittleHaven for a new Dogtag before you can continue playing

- Traders in LittleHaven sell things useful to scavengers (Ammo, Bandages, etc)

- Only safe place in the zone is LittleHaven. (no fire zone)

this is the basics of the gameplay, for clarification continue reading. The game is open ended, how you play is up to you.

The Basics of Scavenging

- Throughout the field will be artifacts of varied value which are to be returned to the LH:Trader in exchange for Cash

- Cash can be spent at the LH:Trader to procure items and services useful to scavengers.

NOTE: because Cash can be scavenged and lost, a scavenger can convert excess Cash into CashPoints at the LH:Trader which go towards the Bank Roller Trophy.

- Initial ammo is supplied, additional must be bought from the LH:Trader using Cash. Ammo is rare and highly valued.

- DogTags(supplied) must be worn at all times. They must be presented to the LH:Trader before trading commences. (unique identifier per player)

NOTE: other scavenger's DogTags can be traded in to the LH:Trader, they will count toward the Head Hunter Trophy

- If a scavenger has their DogTag removed they are considered DEAD/Out of the game, they must drop all carried collectables then head back to the LH:Trader to acquire another before rejoining the game.

NOTE: DogTags allow a scavenger to force a 'HIT' player to return to LittleHaven, this is achieved by removing the 'HIT' player's DogTag while scavenging their corpse

- LittleHaven is strictly a no combat zone and is defended by LH:Armoured Security who will eliminate any target shooting into town or just outside of town

- No Artifacts or DogTags can be stored or stashed in LittleHaven, if a stash is discovered LH:Armoured Security will confiscate the items

- LittleHaven is a safe area to take a break, fix guns, eat and sleep.

- The LH:Trader may place Head Hunting challenges on scavengers from time to time


are specific items which are allowed to be scavenged from a HIT player's corpse, they are:


HIT rules & Advanced Gameplay

HIT POINTS: every player has 1HP

HITS: If a BB hits the player anywhere on their body, gear or gun, this counts as a HIT or -1HP

if it is the last remaining HIT POINT the player must shout out 'HIT' then wait in place for 180 seconds.

During this time the player is considered unable to fight or move.

NOTE: After waiting the full 180 seconds the player can begin scavenging again.

Other scavengers can collect the 'HIT' player's carried collectables during this 180 second knockout time.

NOTE: Remember if you loose your dogtag you are out of the game - refer to basics of scavenging

Knife Kills: to perform a knife kill on an unsuspecting player you must place your hand on their shoulder and let them know they have been knifed, the person knifed is considered HIT but does not shout out HIT(Silent Kill).

Bandages: if owned by the 'HIT' player, can be used anytime during the 180 second wait.

setting off the bandage gives the player +1HP, the player can continue to scavenge/fight instantly.

NOTE: Bandages can only be used by the person needing it

Only a Knife(hand) placed on a 'HIT' player can prevent them from using bandages.

Bandages are a once use Item. (please retain any rubbish from bandages)

If a player feels they are being camped and cannot continue scavenging after waiting 180 seconds they can drop any carried collectables and walk back to LittleHaven with their DeadRag on (camping countermeasure) you must make it back to LittleHaven before removing the DeadRag and continuing play.

Weapon Limits

Any airsoft replica is allowed to be used during this event but must fit into one of these categories:

- Airsoft Guns 350FPS(1.13J) and below, No Minimum Engagement

- Airsoft Guns 351-450FPS(1.87J) , Minimum Engagement of 10 meters

- Spring Rifles and DMR configured* SEGs 451-600FPS(3.33J) Minimum Engagement of 20 Meters

NOTE: FPS is based on 0.2g BB, Joules supplied for reference. (1.13J absolute maximum power)

*DMR configured requires a bipod and magnified optic fixed to the gun

Remember night-time gaming visible distances to targets can be harder to judge, please use caution when using higher powered guns at night, be a good sport.


safety glasses with a ballistic rating NZS 1337.1 or similar are recommended, Full Sealing goggles or a full-face mask are highly recommended. (you are responsible for your own personal safety equipment)

do not remove goggles when on the field to defog.

Should you loose your goggles for any reason and have exposed eyes on the field, shout out "EYES", anyone hearing the EYES call, repeat the message and broadcast on channel 18 the same message "EYES". should you hear "EYES" the game will be halted, no firing of any kind must be done until you hear the "GAME ON" message from the Trader.

Radio Channel 18 is the channel the game organizers will be listen in on, any troubles or assistance request please notify the game staff on this channel. (should this channel not be reliable, the game staff will confirm with you the new operating channel to use)

Required To Attend

Honesty will make or break the game and can turn what can be very fun into something that's not worth the energy. Anyone caught actively cheating will be evicted from the event with no refund given; the decision for eviction is at the Trader's discretion.

Understanding of the rules before the day, and questions asked about rules for any clarity before the event

Required gear (Must be carried by the scavenger at all times)

- DogTag (supplied)

- Any Airsoft gun(s) intended for use at the event

- A watch or stopwatch (accurately count 180 seconds)

- Map of the area (supplied) (reverse side will have RULES cheatsheet for basic gameplay)

- Medications specific to the player

- Radio (LittleHaven radio contact / Emergency [channel 18 to get to trader])

- Flashlight adequate for navigation at night (illuminates reflective artifacts at night)

- Enough Batteries and Gas for 24 hours

- Drinking Fluids & Food, enough for 24 hours

Recommended gear (can be stored in LittleHaven)

- Sleeping gear

- Tools for gun repairs

- Warm Clothes

- Wet Weather Gear

- Dry Clothes / Gun bags ETC. for after game

Cars may be parked far away from LittleHaven, bring everything you need onto the field with you. (tent/bag to crash in the only safe zone, LittleHaven)

Disputes on hits or other gameplay must be brought up with the TRADER in LittleHaven, any dis-respectful behavior will not be tolerated and those guilty will be ejected from the game.


Free Stalkers

Play in pairs only - no teamups for the day between teams. Team up and expect military harassing your ass for entire day.

Hostile to: Bandits, Military

Friendly to : Scientists

Primary objectives:

Acquire Artifacts

Assist Scientists

Sell artifacts to Scientists

Trade artifacts with other Stalkers

Capture artifacts from Bandits/Other Stalkers

Gear restrictions:

Bags must be worn at all times

To use auto, Upgrade must be purchased from Scientists.

No ultra-special force looks smile emoticon

Ammo Rules:

Ammo can be purchased in the camp

Recommended kit:

Civilian/camo clothing, loadout vests, radio, secondary

Medic rules for Stalkers

Bandages are an instant field respawn.

Once dog tag is taken Stalker has to return to camp to get a new tag. No bandages can be used when dog tag is lost.

Military (max 6 players)

One team

Hostile to Stalkers, Bandits

Friendly with: Scientists

Primary objectives

Arrest and expel stalkers from the Zone

Eliminate Bandits

Patrol the Zone Borders

Protect Scientists

Medic rules

Standard Medic rules apply, 2 medics per team


One Team

Neutral to Bandits

Friendly to: Military: Stalkers

Primary objectives

Research the zone

Conduct Experiments

Acquire artifacts

Assist Military

Provide special services to Stalkers

Medic rules


Bandits (Max 6 players)

Hostile to: Military, Stalkers. Neutral to Scientists

Primary objectives

Kill Stalkers

Rob Stalkers

Gain as much cash and loot as possible

Gear restrictions:

Dark coloured civvy clothing/Hoodie highly recommended

Cannot use helmets

Medic Rules

Can use bandages robbed from Stalkers or purchased from scientists

Monster rules

If you are turned into a monster, you have to go out and kill as many people as you can for 30 minutes.

Hit counts when your front or back plate is hit. You are stunned for 1 minute and than you are back on rampage. You can be captured while you are stunned.

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Grand' date=' I get to shoot Choc again :p[/quote']

grand, clone gets to be dissapointed again!

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