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Operation MAD-DOG Saturday 4th October 2014

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To celebrate MaDDoG Richard Turners' 60th Birthday, Taupo Airsoft Hawks will be hosting a special open game and BBQ on Saturday 4th of October 2014.

Optional theme of the day, The Vietnam War.

There will be a morning and afternoon session.

BBQ AFTER the game, at approx 1500 hours

BUT as an added BONUS, we will ALSO provide you with a light lunch and refreshments!)

0900 Registration

1000 Warm Up Games - JUGGERNAUT those who have played this know what to expect, 2 Teams, needs a lot of ammo

1100 Main Game - Vietcong (VC) Trail two teams one defending a lengthy bush trail, ending up in a base area battle, the other team fighting their way to take the first base.

1230 Light Lunch (Provided)

1300 Afternoon Session - Continuation of VC Trail, Hamburger Hill, one team defending a fortified hill Base, the 2nd team to take the base, Timed event, with Role reversal, Best time wins

Field Fee - $20 (Includes free after game BBQ and light lunch)

FPS Rules: 0 to 400 fps on .20's MED is 10 metres

400 to 450 fps on .20's MED is 20 metres

over 450fps, Sniper and DMR only MED is 25 metres

Rental guns and protective gear available from www.nzairsoft.co.nz

The Game will be on our 150 acre Poihipi Road field. Full directions to the field to be posted shortly including Google Earth link

Register attendance on ASNZ or on our Facebook page at


Any preliminary warning for weather cancellation will be posted by Thursday night and final decisions made by Friday 8pm

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