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Contagion III

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Contagion III

Presented by FTA


Following the events of last November and missile strike on London the world is struggling to cope with the total loss of the United Kingdom and annihilation of 50% of humanity.

The pathological GG Alliance, led by Shadow, has managed to weaponise the MZ-virus developing a strain where the Z-Tex vaccination is 100% affective if administered before any infection. Additionally the Kantor-Vor antidote will reverse the affects of the virus if administered within 15 minutes of infection. With this information the GG Alliance is currently holding the world to ransom. Shadow has not been seen since mysteriously disappearing in December 2013.

The world is in chaos as nobody has any ideas where the GG Alliance is operating from. This has led to the world splitting into two factions, one led by the Central Disease Control (CDC) which remains allied with mercenary squad blue.

Meanwhile the Independent People’s Army (IPA) has set up in opposition of the CDC blaming them for failing to stop the GG Alliance over the last 2 year due to gross incompetence. The IPA has been formed out of the remains of mercenary squad blue who have been disavowed by the GG Alliance.

As a result in October 2014 the CDC and IPA both sent their top researchers and militants back to the sight of BioGen’s last known laboratory (albeit now destroyed) in the hope of finding the information on the weaponised MZ-Virus and anything on the Z-Tex vaccination or Kantor-Vor antidote which can help them stop the outbreak and assert control over the remaining world.

Both sides are willing to recruit anyone capable of bearing arms to join their cause.

Finally there remains the possibility the MZ-virus could mutate again.

Stay tuned for more ...

Note - The below information may change slightly between now and the game day. Please ensure you reread this first post at least 3 days prior to the game.

Location: TBA

Arrival Time: AFTER 0915 Saturday

Brief: 1000 Saturday (DO NOT BE LATE AND BE READY TO GO)

Game On: 1100 Saturday (This is when the shooting starts)

Game Off: 1100 Sunday

Cost: $40 Registration is REQUIRED by 12 November

Safe areas/Safety Rules:

- This is an overnight game and will play through the entire night. Normal ASA FPS limits will apply. However we HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL PLAYERS WEAR FULL FACE PROTECTION AT NIGHT AS PEOPLES PERCEPTION OF DISTANCE WILL NOT BE VERY RELIABLE. Getting shot in the pitch black by a 400 fps gun is part of the risk of the game.

- There is no safe area. If you have an issue contact the DS on channel 18. All vehicles are out of bounds for the ENTIRE game.

Additional Information:

This is a team based Milsim scenario - therefore anyone intending to attend will be expected to play with a team and abide by the rules. As such players will be expected to follow the lead of their self designated squad/team leaders. This is not a casual game there may be periods with little shooting and if you die respawn can be a prolonged affair.

Required Gear:

- Radio*

- Watch*

- Torch*

- Hitmarker*

- 3 litres of water

- Food

- Pistol (wherever possible)

- Warm clothes for night

* MUST be carried at ALL times

Recommended Gear:

- Sleeping bag

- Wet weather gear


Game Items:

- All items must be forfeit no matter how many the player carries if another player can put two hands on their shoulders for 30 seconds. (The only exception to this is where an item has a limited life and has already been used).

- As the valuable research materials are extremely unstable they can only be transported one at a time. (You can only get a second once the 1st is securely at your base). The same rule applies if you are raiding another team’s base.

Medic Rules: (Idea borrowed from Ash's Operation Overnight)

- Medics may heal injured players by wrapping a bandage twice round the persons arm, cutting it off and taping it in place.

- Medics have 5 minutes from the time the person is injured to complete this before the person bleeds out and dies.

- A player can be Medic'd twice (one bandage per arm); before if hit again they are killed immediately.

- If you are killed immediately, or not medic'd in time you must return to your base to respawn. You must wait 20minutes at your base before re-entering the game.

- Bandages can be removed from your arms by spending 5 minutes per bandage with a medic at HQ. You must both be inactive during this period.

Capturing Opposition:

- You may take opposition Team members as prisoners by medic’ing them.

- When you capture an opposition player they must be returned to your base.

- Once a prisoner is returned to your base you must radio the DS.

- Captured players must do as instructed if you are touching them OR at all times once returned to your base.

- Prisoners can be held for 45minutes.

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