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Operation Iron Fist 1:Labour Weekend 25th - 26th October 2014

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Operation Iron Fist 1 - A 2 day Airsoft Milsim Scenario Event

Dates - Labour Weekend 25th to 26th October 2014

Actual Location - Ruawhenua Forest, Hawkes Bay

Notional Location - In an Easter European Country

Forces - Red Forces (Russian flavoured Spetsnaz), Eastern European Forces, Blue Forces (US, Brit, Australian, Special Forces etc)

The Story -

CIA have Intel stating that Rebels are aiming to bring down a Civilian Airliner to highlight worldwide attention for their cause.

The Rebels have been supplied with long range Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) from a fellow country who are sympatheitic to their cause.

The Red Forces have to ensure their Long Range SAMs and their crews aren't compromised and have sent in a Spetsnaz

Unit to protect the SAMs.

The Allied Blue Forces have been detailed to send in a Special Forces Team to locate and destroy this key strategic SAM site before any Missiles are launched.

Intel have also stated that there is only 10 hours before launch...



Saturday 2th October 2014

Briefing: at 10.00am

Game will start at 11.00am, and will run to 5.00pm

At the start of game, Forces will march to their Base Location...on route be vigilant...

Objectives Day One:

- Set up your Base defence/s

-Find the key that arms the SAM launcher

-At your Base, your Commander will open the first clue (team gets 500 points)

-500 points for the first team to find a clue

-300 points for the second team to find a clue

-100 points or the last team to find a clue

*600 points if you can take out one of the other bases (to get the points you need to be in their base and to defend it for 5 minutes).

#5000 points for the first team to get the key back to their base

-The team with the highest points wins

-You can only carry 300 rounds as a load out

-Go back to your Base to re-supply

-A Squad can call up for an Ammunition Resupply. Another Squad can carry an ammo box to the Squad for -500 points.

Medic Rules:

Each player has 2 x WHITE arm bands and 1 x RED kill rag

Each Squad has 1 x Medic

When first hit, hit player calls 'Medic' and holds up their kill rag.

Their Squad Medic comes over and hit player gives him 1 x arm band, which Squad Medic ties onto Hit Players arm.

Upon second hit, call 'Medic', Hit Player holds up their kill rag, Squad Medic comes over to hit player, who gives Medic

their 2nd arm band, which they tie onto hit players arm.

Upon third hit, you are dead and have to go back to Base, hit players team loses -50 points, then player re-spawns and re-enters the game.

Bleed Out is 3 minutes. You go back to Base, hit players team loses -50 points, then player re-spawns and re-enters the game.

If another Teams Medic can get to hit player within the 3 minutes before Bleed Out and ties 1 x arm band on to their arm, they then become a

Prisoner and can be taken back to the other teams base. The other team gets 250 points. The Prisoner is then released to go back to their base

and can then re-enter the game...(Prisoners team does not lose -50 points because they weren't killed).

If your Medic is hit, he can only be healed by another medic from another squad in your team, otherwise he will bleed out in 3 minutes, return to his base

and his team loses -50 points.

If an opposition teams Medic can get to your Medic within the 3 minutes before Bleed Out and puts 1x arm band onto his arm, he is then a Prisoner

and is taken back to opposition teams base and their team gets +250 points. He is then released to go back to their base and can then re-enter the game...

(Medics team does not lose -50 points because they weren't killed).


Sunday 26th October 2014

Briefing: at 9.00am

Game starts at 10.00am, and will run to approx 3.00pm

Due to mounting worldwide condemnation, and following Government instructions, the Red Forces Commander has brokered a pact with the Blue Forces, and

have allied the two Forces against the Rebel Force.

Objectives Day Two:

The Red and Blue Forces will fight their way along the route marked to the coordinates on the map,

there they will clear the AO (Area of Operations) of Eastern European Rebels.

Red and Blue Forces Base will be a Mobile Vehicle.

Eastern European Rebels Objective is to Defend their Base

Medic Rules:

Same as for Day One, except

NO Prisoners will be taken on Day Two

Admin and Logistics:

1. Bookings are essential

2. Weather- Is variable at this time of year. Days can be warm to hot, nights cold.

Showers or Rain is possible.

3. Force Leaders and Squad Commanders will be required

4. Fee will be required for weekend To Be Advised (TBA), but will not be greater than $40.00.

You can play for either one or two days

5. Bring your own food for weekend, however Bar-B-Que will be provided Saturday night.

6. You should bring with you:

a radio

basic first aid kit



cooking equipment

WATER for drinking, approx 10 litres per person for weekend, plus provision to carry at least 3 litres per person per day


spare gun

spare Batteries

BB's (Airsoft Hawes Bay will have BB's available for sale)

Rubbish bags/toilet paper

Wet Weather clothing and/or Poncho

Warm Hat for cold weather and hot weather Cap for day


Polarfleece insulation thermal layer

Polyprop or Merino wool base layer

extra Socks'

1x extra Uniform for wear at Base Camp

Command and Control:

1. Commanders, etc will be advised

2. Radio Frequencies, Net, Callsigns, Passwords, etc, will be advised

3. Airsoft Hawkes Bay will be running this event


Updates: This Game is subject to change

We look forward to your attendance

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