Taupo Airsoft Hawks - OPEN GAME 22nd JUNE - TAUPO 150 ACRE FIELD

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Hi guys,

We are running an open game on Sunday 22nd June on our mega field on Poihipi Road.

The initial plan for the day is to run a warm up game, possibly capture the flag scenario and then into the main game of the day ...


More details will follow, but essentially this game will involve blindfolds, drops into secret locations, pathfinders, recon units and tough objectives and a whole lot of fun. Will be in the good hands of GUNNY, (Danny).

There is interest from other clubs on joining us including the Wanganui Club, so lets make it a good show from our club.

Please advise your interest by replying to this email or adding your name in the comment section of our post for this event on the TAH Facebook page. (Taupo Airsoft Hawks)

Talk to you soon,

Tony KiwiBandit

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