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Roling Thunder 2014, Taupo

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Hi All, This is the updated plan for 20 July

Anyone wanting a long duration co-ordinated Milsim game, had better charge their batteries, get some fresh gas bottles and prep your guns

This will be fun and have plenty of action

Operation Rolling Thunder 2014

Date : Sunday 20th July

Location : 1129 Poihipi Road, Taupo -

Gates Open : 08:00

Briefing Time : 09:30

Game kickoff : 10:00hrs until 16:00hrs - Warmup game first then Main Game, yes this is a FULL CONTINUOUS DURATION Game

FIELD CHARGE: $20 ( price will include sausage sizzle )



A red kill rag

As many weapons as required, batteries and/or gas for a 5-6 hr duration game ( you will need to reload in the field )

All protective gear ( eye pro etc )

Suitable footwear, light shoes definitely not recommended as this is a forest/hill environment

Water or fluids for duration

Food Bars or nibbles ( no set lunch break )

Lunches to be taken on the Go but can be taken onto the field in any team container you bring

Team Colors, ie wide red/blue armbands , this is a 3 side event ie: Red , Blue and Mercenary

To allow for Clubs to remain together as a unit,as much as possible, please state your Club and Leader

While every effort will be made to keep Clubs teams together as per the entries, We reserve the right to make any changes necessary to

maintain equal numbered # teams.

Recommended Additional Kit

A personal radio, 1w min. 5w preferred fully programmed, due to the field size this is a big advantage to have. Each team will need at least 1 programmed radio

A change of clothes for all conditions, hot or cold.

Wet weather gear

A team ( club ) foot locker- ammo box etc, that can be either stashed by Marshall's out on the field this can contain, additional ammo, water and food .

NOTE: Full Auto guns allowed but MUST run mid/low cap mags ( Hi Caps can be used for support weapons ONLY )

NOTE 2: Burst Fire allowed in lieu of mid/low cap mags

Note 3: FPS Limits (Based on 0.20g BB ammo)

0 to 400 fps -10m minimum engagement distance.

401 fps to 450 fps - . 20m minimum engagement. 5m minimum engagement distance with secondary weapon.

(Sniper Rifles Only)

451 fps to 500 fps -30m minimum engagement distance

NOTE: To qualify as a sniper rifle, gun must have a Bi-pod, Magnifying Optics and be either Bolt action or Semi-Auto. Only exception will be a full auto weapon running a "sniper mode" mosfet.

As can be seen from the FPS rules, our Club is less concerned with FPS but we are strict on MED's and this is an area that will be strictly controlled

We rely on the common sense of players and their integrity on this point. While accidents do happen, there is zero tolerance for repeat breaches of the MED rules. We are there to have fun, not hurt people

PLEASE indicate if interested in being seconded onto either SNIPER or MERCENARY squads

Due to the nature of the Mercenary role, i.e., experience and weaponry, the decision regarding entry for these roles is solely of the organisers so PM me at Rayhz1

before you register if interested or email me at [email protected]

Sniper Kitlist

Sniper/DMR rifle

PDW or Pistol

A red kill rag ( HI VIS preferred )

Mercenary Kitlist

Assault/Support weapon

PDW or Pistol

A red kill rag ( HI VIS preferred )

As per last years Rolling Thunder, the game this year will involve a series of attacks and defense by all teams utilizing 8 base positions

on the game field.

On both attack and defense, team tactics will be important for teams to achieve their objective

Medic rules will be briefed on the day, and while similar to last years medic rules, they have been tweaked to avoid game disruption and to allow players to re-enter the game as quickly as possible. After all, no player is going to want a 1km walk back to base to respawn, and we don't want that either

Game footage from Operation Rolling Thunder 2013

Edited by rayhz1

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Hi the link below gives a meeting place for people to come to, its Tony's house at 1129 Poihipi Road, Oranui Taupo

The field itself is a few hundred meters down the road on the right, its set well back from the road, so rather than people getting lost

it will be best for arrivals to go to Tony's and can then be directed to the field

We would ask that people be at Tony's between 0900 and 0930 hours

If someone finds themselves running late contact me on 0274 521750 and we will sort out the late arrivals



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WEATHER UPDATE: Having watched the weather forecast on TV and checked 4 online forecasts.......

At this stage ........The game is still ON.

Forecasts seem to range from Rain to a few showers to overcast. Pretty much what they said last year......And we had a great day !!!

Our field can cope with a bit of early rain, ie, stopping around 7am ish and occasional showers, as we will be under the pine forest canopy and it wont have any effect on play. So unless something turns completely to crap we will play on

A final decision will be made tomorrow night and will be posted up on ASNZ and the Taupo Airsoft Hawks facebook page, so keep an eye on it

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