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Day of Chaos - 10 May 2014


The CHAOS BUG has made our city a ruin beneath a seething mass of howling humanity. it has turned almost all of them into murderous ramapaging animals before the bug consumes them. We've fought valiantly for control - knowing that we couldn't leave this mess for future Cadet Judges to handle. Our numbers have dwindled, decimated by this unending carnage...

And now...

Any hope we had goes up in smoke. The Academy of law destroyed, taken out in a single coordinated attack. Damn those East Meg sleeper agents. Who knows if any of those cadets survived? What hope is there if we're the only Judges remaining?

Cadet Judge Hennessey was right. We're doomed. I saw it in her cold "i told you so" look moments before that piece of crudd Skullbird ganger put a Judge Killer slug through the back of her helmet.

It didn't think it would be so bad.

I was wrong.

It's so much worse.... and yet I cannot turn my back on this city... While I still live, Mega City One lives....


I AM...




  • All attendees must be 18 or over. Special exemptions may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • AHB Management reserves the right to refuse entry to this event for any reason.


10:00am Saturday 10 May to approximately 10:00pm.

The Infirmary gates will be open from approximately 9:30am Saturday


The Infirmary (Waipukurau Hospital).

The site is gated with space for vehicles inside the complex.


  • Airsoft guns and gear (Ensure you have 0.2g BBs, a limited amount may be available for purchase)
  • Food and Drink (Takeaway meals are available within walking distance of the site)
  • A brightly coloured Bandanna (Any colour but not RED/BROWN/GREEN). This will be used to denote which faction you're playing for (worn around the head for one faction, around the left arm for the other).
  • A Red Killrag (Separate from your Bandanna)


$30 Event Fee.



  • Certified safety goggles or other certified eye protection must be worn at all times in the field of play.
  • All weapons must be rendered safe when in any designated safe zone.
  • During CQB, Full face protection is recommended.
  • Only 0.2g BBs or lighter, are to be used in all weapons for this event.
  • A Red Killrag must be used when hit, to minimise additional hits.
  • All instructions by Airsoft Hawkes Bay directing staff must be followed at all times.

Standard Energy/FPS limits:

1.13 Joules (350 FPS on 0.2g BBs)

Player Conduct:

(D.B.A.D Rule)

Airsoft is a sport requiring a high level of integrity, honesty, and sportsmanship. As such we have implemented a "Don't be a Dick" rule. This rule should be fairly self-explanatory. Basically, in any situation where there is doubt about whether you are hit, it's always better to take the hit. By the same token, if you're the shooter - be quick to give the benefit of the doubt to the other player. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all those interested in Airsoft.


Hit Rules:

  • Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause.
  • Call yourself hit when hit. If in doubt, call yourself hit to be safe. Make sure you yell hit, place your hit rag on your head/gun and where possible act out your death loud enough so everyone knows you’re hit.
  • A Bang Kill/Freeze Kill rule will not be enforced, but DBAD still applies (Lighting someone up unnecessarily at close range is Being A Dick).
  • When hit please remain in place for 180 seconds with your Killrag on your head before heading to your respawn area. This will allow kill/capture based objectives to be completed properly. After 180 seconds you can call yourself "Bled Out" and cannot interact with other players until you respawn

Knife Kills:

  • If you can sneak up on someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you’re there, that is a “knife kill” and they are hit. This is a very rare move and is highly commendable.

Grenade Kills:

  • Grenade kills will only occur in enclosed spaces with no easy exits. Stairwell grenade kills will not occur unless a person is clearly within a confined space with the grenade when it goes off.
  • BB Throwing Grenades (Tornados) count as other normal weapons - BB hit = a Hit taken


At this stage the site limit for participants is 60 (depending on AHB Attendees we may be able to increase this)




More details to come. Some of these rules are subject to change, so keep checking.

NB. We're still sorting out what accommodation options will be available for those travelling to Hawkes Bay Friday and leaving Sunday.

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Just watched Judge Dredd (the 1995 version)

Lol keen for this

Karl Urban version way cooler and violent 95 version very campy and they tried to put to many stories in the one movie plot.....ABC warriors, block wars, the janus project......my 5 cents worth:D

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any idea of what number restrictions there will be ?

Previous restrictions have been around 60ish. It's mostly dependant on whether we're using the site for accomodation, what facilities we need to provide, and how many days we're on site. We should have some more information after this weekend.

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I guess last time this event was mentioned...there was some talk about full auto.....as a friendly suggestion between the hours of ? (what ever time it gets dark to endex)...full face mask is mandatory.....or will this go to pistols only for the hours of darkness....reason im asking a fie fight with tracer rounds would be epic....I guess AHB will come up with something awesome anyway....my five cents worth.

"find refuge in purgetory for my wrath shall send you to hell"

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