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AO game Saturday the 4th of January.

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I know this is a long shot, but you guys are welcome to come over for this. cheers Falc's. :)

Game this coming Saturday the 4Th of January at Ohope, all ASNZ clubs welcome to join us for a bit of a bush bash, shoot and run fun day. More intel to come. Post up here if you are in or need hire guns etc.

Cheers Falc's.

Airsoft Ohope

Would like to welcome ASNZ club members to a day of fun Airsofting at our Ohope field.

Where, Ohope Beach.

When, Saturday the 4th of January 2014.

Cost, $10.00

We will be running games on Saturday the 4th of January 2014. Gate open at 9.30. Kick off at 10.00 am, endex when every one is bugged, feel free to come and go through out the day.

Directions to our field.

Coming from Whakatane drive through Ohope heading east, take the turn off to Opotiki drive past the Ohiwa Oyster farm its on your left, its a take away shop only 200 metres from our field.The harbour is on your left, our entrance way is the second driveway on the right after the oyster farm, its on an S bend and hard to spot, (just look for all the pine trees & toi toi bushes) its a dangerous bit of road so take care turning in. If any one gets lost pH me on 07 3124068 or 0275088070. You will need to hump your gear into the gaming area so bring a day bag or pack, drinking water, lunch, bb's, safety gear etc.The field is only 2 min drive out of Ohope. Looking forward to seeing every one, we have some awesome game scenarios for you all, so it will be a good day.

Smokers you will be permitted to smoke in the car parking area only, up in the gaming area its just to dry, I know you will understand, thanks for your co-operation with this order from higher up. Cheers Falcs

Basic game plan

To be announced during the week, I am looking at trying to run some new scenario's and maybe utilise a new part of the field.

Please post up in here if you are coming to be chased down and killed.

Here is a link to the field, the entrance is an old wooden gate set back from the road surrounded in toi toi and gorse bushes






R60A & crew

Cole Mole



Blue Shadow



Rawhitipaul + 1







Corporal J Biddick

Mr M Drummond


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