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Open Game: Sunday November 17th 2013

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Location: Poihipi Road Field, Taupo ( as per July Open Day )

Gates open from 9am

10:00hrs until 17:00hrs, longer if desired or needed



Late arrivals may join in the next game.

Location : Poihipi Road, Taupo

FIELD CHARGE: $10 ( includes sausage sizzle ) to be paid at start of day ( See TAH Treasurer for payments )

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, Food and Drink, Airsoft guns and gear

CLUB GUNS: Limited availability



Radio/Comms: Due to field size it is strongly recommended you bring comms

SAFE/NEUTRAL ZONE : The Carpark area outside the gate by the pallets is the safe zone for all games please remove magazines and decock your weapons before entering this zone.!!

The day will be open to any Club with any Club member welcome to attend

With the weather being warmer at that time of year, GBB weapons will be functioning better therefore any air-soft weapon that is in compliance with the Arms Act will be able to be used.

This will be an all day event and some (limited) accommodation with local members can be arranged. There will also be locations within 10 minutes of the venue where it will be feasible to set up a tent .

M.E.D rules

0-350 fps : zero med ( please use common sense )

350 - 400 : 10m ( 32ft encouraged to carry side arm/pdw under 350fps )

400 - 450 : 20m ( 65 ft MUST carry sidearm/pdw under 350fps )

450 - 550 : 40m ( 130ft Sniper/DMR* ONLY AND MUST carry sidearm/PDW under 350fps )

* Sniper/DMR rifle can be semi auto but must run Low-Cap mags as per real world


Main event will be Team based, with two main opposing teams in Play

The game being planned is a variation of Capture the Flags, however it is hoped that there will be sufficient numbers of players to field a small third team who will act as spoilers. This team will comprise of Snipers and heavy-weapons/support weapons

Please advise names, number of players who wish to attend, also, any volunteers for the “spoiler team” They will need the right weaponry, be sufficiently experienced to be able to cope with fairly independent play. If there is enough players to sustain the 3rd team it will be chosen from the volunteers.


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Due to other commitments by both Taupo members and other Clubs, the game planned for 17th November is now postponed until the new year

With only a very limited number of players notifying their availability for the event the game is not feasible as it does require a minimum of 30 players

A date for the game will be posted as soon as possible with at least 2 to 3 months notice of the date

Apologies to those that have indicated an interest in attending the event however at this point it is simply not feasible to hold the event

There will be a "business as usual" type game held on the day, weather permitting, and any members from other Clubs are always welcome to attend

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