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5/7 Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Battalion

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Because of this wee thing,

The 5 Wellington West Coast and 7 Wellington Hawke's Bay Battalions are now known as the 5/7 Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Battalion.

And they have been around a special amount of time, we have been invited to do the static display from hell on the 10th AUG

Have a read below to get up to speed with the current state of affairs. Open (mostly) invite if you're keen!

Waka Thorpe Update: Met with the Cadre leaders and was a good time at HMNZS Olphert had by all. We are invited to book and use the "Main deck" lounge in there anytime its not already booked by the way. THe static display event is at present to be on the grass in the northern corner of the civic Sq zone.. what was circa theatre if I remember right.My idea was good news to them so we are (assuming I get the support from all that I will need to make it happen) is to focus on RNZIR from the 65th (Who 5/7 get thoer corp belt from apparantly) + Boer war with bell tent et al- then WW1 with if he agrees, one of Peters WW1 trucks from Hood , WW2 with Jeep, Bren Carrier (If Mike can oblige) and Dodge Weapons carrier / Puddle Jumper if MIl Veh can oblige(Have already emailed my contact from doing Nancy Wake).Korea/ Malaya/Borneo/SVN we will cover as one mixed portion, Ideal if Steve R and Gasman bring rovers. If Dan and Steve say OK, Army will try and get a transporter to bring the M113 down to town for the day. 80's will be the M113 as well and my V8 then we hit Army with LAV, LOV with the final big bit of steel being the new MAN truck they hope. Each era we will do diorama style like the gunshow. They have 14x14's booked in case risk of bad weather. Unimog booked for my place to bulk shift what was so many van and rover loads to Lower Hutt- Mog can join my Rover for 80's. Pers can pick era to babysit and display . They had forgotten the cadets but no longer. They will ask officially and we will invite our contacts (Adam/Wiki, Petone and Wellington) to assist with security eyes on and passing out flyers in adjacent streets to bring crowd. Usual smiles mixed with butt kicking for them provided by us. I will also see about a photo booth as this is self funded by the unit

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This looks and sounds full on, I suggest we have a get together with in the next few weeks so we can sort some stuff out and talk about the in and outs.

I have a few questions and I'm sure others have too.

Looks like it's meating time.

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