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Taupo Inter Club Game

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Sunday 21st July

10:00hrs until 17:00hrs, longer if desired or needed GAMES START NO LATER THAN 10:30hrS. SO BE ON TIME AND BE PREPARED FOR THE START TIME. Late arrivals may join in the next game. Location : Poihipi Road, Taupo FIELD CHARGE: $10 ( includes sausage sizzle ) to be paid at start of day ( See TAH Treasurer for payments ) WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, Food and Drink, Airsoft guns and gear CLUB GUNS: Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to borrow a club gun, (if any acquired in future), or members gun. Whilst the loan of the gun is free, we ask for a donation to cover a maintenance fee EYE PROTECTION: BYO BBs: BYO GAS: We can charge magazines using our “bulk charging system” A charge of $2 is payable for this and this covers as many recharges as you might need for the day

SAFE/NEUTRAL ZONE : The Carpark area outside the gate by the pallets is the safe zone for all games please remove magazines and decock your weapons before entering this zone.!!

Game details will be listed later

NOTE Weather based cancellation will be posted here no later than Friday 19th July at 7:30 P.M

AS most of Taupo members are Gas Gun users we have the following M.E.D rules

0-350 fps : zero med ( please use common sense )

350 - 400 : 10m ( 32ft encouraged to carry side arm under 350fps )

400 - 450 : 20m ( 65 ft MUST carry sidearm under 350fps )

450 - 550 : 40m ( 130ft Sniper/DMR* ONLY AND MUST carry sidearm/PDW under 350fps )

* Sniper/DMR rifle can be semi auto but must run LowCap mags as per real world - 1 BB in the air at a time

NOTE : Above limits are tested with .20 bbs.

NOTE : Newcomers are not allowed to use weapons over 400 fps.

Finally GAME CONTROLLERS scrutinise games closely and breaches of above could result in timeouts or eviction

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The more the merrier

We are in the process of opening up another field area to use on the day, all we have to do now is pray for fine-ish weather

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Game Plan for 21st July


Depending on numbers, we hope to split groups up into 3 Game Teams

1st Game: Warm up on Middle field. Team Death Match. 1 Shot Kills

Main Game: Rolling Thunder: Three Teams used, Multiple Start points used

Depending on numbers, we plan on using all three fields combined

Game is expected to be of lengthy duration, be prepared for on-field reloads etc. Full game plan will be briefed on the day.

Closing Game: Hamburger Hill: 1/4 of available players to defend the Hill Base. Everyone else on attack. This is expected to be a grinder for the attackers as hill defenses have been upgraded

Visiting teams are asked to bring their red "Killed" flags and anyone with a puxing type radio, please bring them, each team will need at least one, as objective co-ordinates will be passed by the Game Marshall and objective updates advised per radio also. These radios will need to be tuned to the standard airsoft frequencies.

Any changes to numbers attending please advise also, as we need to have some idea for food purchases for the day

Beyond that all we need is fine weather.


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GAME ON: Latest weather reports show Taupo having a fine day, maybe slight overcast, but FINE.

Only rain on the horizon is if you live anywhere from Taranaki south.

We will paste any changes, should a cold wet front suddenly come over the country, but unless there is one out there traveling at about 4 times its normal speed we will have a great day on Sunday

A reminder to everyone attending to bring your "Killed" rag if you have one, puxing or similar type radios and if you have one, a red/blue arm band.

Anyone who still needs directions to the playfield, PM me and I will reply asap

Everyone all have a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you Sunday morning

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