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Nam film 21 and 22 june

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Heres a update for all thoses going ,

Update from Brendan:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late notice but we've had to go to our bad weather contingency plan.

We'll now be shooting just a few small scenes at Korokoro tomorrow afternoon and the bulk of the shooting will be on Sunday when it should be warmer/drier.

For those of you who are able to come along we'll be shooting from 3pm-5pm tomorrow at Korokoro and then 8am-4pm on Sunday at Korokoro. If you can only make it for one day, it'd be better to make it Sunday as that's when we're shooting the big battle and we'll need the most extras.


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Further detail.

Hi guys,

Here's the plan for tomorrow.

I'll be at the location at 7:30am to set up.

Jeremy and our lead actor will arrive at 8am so we can do a couple of small scenes with him.

We need the rest of you guys to arrive at 10am so we can shoot scenes of the squad marching up the river, leading up to the ambush scene. If you want to arrive earlier to help us out that'd be great.

We'll be shooting the ambush between 1pm and 3pm, with 3pm-4pm as contingency for any final shots we need to grab before we run out of light.

Aside from your military gear, you should bring a towel and wet weather protection and plenty of spare socks as there's a good chance your feet will get wet.

We will be going ahead with the shoot unless the weather is dangerously bad. Don't assume its been called off unless you've heard it from us.

See you all tomorrow,


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