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POW game mode/Overnight

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Hey all, Tim here

So I have decided to come up with a modified version of POW that T.A.R. could possibly play with other clubs at our field. I have talked to Marcel about it and he has suggested some things to me. It would be great if you guys could too. It is supposed to have around 30-50 people and last about 10 hours mixed in with a bit of milsim.

Phase 1:

The guards will have all of the POW camps in 3 different locations around the field. It is the spec ops job to find all 3 camps

and rescue the prisoners. (If there are any) POW's must hide from the guards for as long as possible until the spec ops unit

finds them and brings them to safety. If the POW's are seen, they can either surrender or try to flee. But if they flee, guards

will commense fire and will be brought back to any 1 of 3 prison camps.

Guards may do what ever they want, they can roam the field trying to find the spec ops team or

they can guard the prisoners. Guards may tie prisoners up around the legs and arms, and then patrol the area without having to

worry about the prisoners escaping. However, POW's may try to escape on their own if no guard is looking.

POW's are not allowed a weapon until the guards armory has been located and broken into. (POW's place their weapon in the armory

at start of game) The spec ops team has to free all POW's. Once this has happened, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2:

Once all the POW's have been rescued, the guards can no longer hold them prisoners. It will now be Spec ops/POW's vs guards. It is the

guards jobs to protect their intel without giving its location away by goose guarding or talking about it out loud. All guards will have a piece

of paper saying where abouts the intel is, only 3 pieces of paper will lead in the right direction. Once the guards are killed, spec ops/ POW's

are allowed to ask the guards for the piece of paper. Once the intel has been captured, it moves to phase 3.

Phase 3:

Once the intel has been collected it is a race to Matt's base for base defense. Spec ops/POW's need to clear the landing pad for the rescue

heli to come in and pick them up. Once the base is in control by the Spec ops/POW's it is game over.

Guards: If shot, head back to where the cars are located or you may be revived by a fellow guardsman.

Spec ops: If shot, head back to your dropzone (only you know where that is) or be revived by a squad member.

If you could email me at that would be great,


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nice concept, id be keen. i dunno about 'actually' tying someone up and leaving them alone. safety first..

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nice concept' date=' id be keen. i dunno about 'actually' tying someone up and leaving them alone. safety first..[/quote']

You could just use our Velcro team colours to wrap around the wrists.

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